Wednesday, February 01, 2006

QVC - It got me!

Okay, so I have never watched QVC before. When I was growing up I was under the impression that only women who looked like Tammy Fay Baker shopped at QVC and they bought flashy gold jewelry and big brooches and loud knit ensembles to wear while at their mansions. Or at Bingo.

When I was sick a couple of weeks ago, I turned the TV on and was eating my soup, and saw on the Cable Guide that QVC has on a scrapbook fair. Hmmmm. So I tuned in. BIG HUGE GIGANTIC mistake! Lisa Bearnson! OMG! Tim Coffey! How can this be true? And WHERE is the Tammy Fay lady hawking black hills gold and beaded house slippers?

Okay so I wanted to order the Album set that comes once every 90 days until you receive 4 album kits. But I had problems ordering online and was too sick to really give a crap. So a couple of days later, I got online. I was only able to buy the first album, because the rest of them were no longer available. But I did buy the "About me" 8x8 album kit. It came yesterday. Yum! I know that I am supposed to hate ready to plug in album kits because they aren't creative enough and you don't have to struggle, but it was FUN! Last night I made 8 pages, all completed (journaling too!) and It was FAB! I got to write all about me! What makes me happy, sad, angry, and afraid. What I love about Evan. What things are my favorites. It's like a scrapbook BLOG! Fab. This may be the best investment ever ever made. (well, I am probably exxagerating) but it was so cool. And I have more pages to do! When I am finished I may post some pictures.

Oh and while I was on QVC's website, I saw a picture (matted, framed) that I wanted for my dining room. And it has already arrived also.

QVC, this is love. Move over Tammy.


Kristen said...

It's addicting. People scoff - but then they watch.

IzzyMom said...

Sounds like my kind of scrapbook. This was recently discussed on Fluid Pudding and my comment there was the same...too overwhelming for me. Just too many options. Like a two year old, I sometimes need limited choices.

Anonymous said...

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