Sunday, January 01, 2006

There's a hanger on my butt!

The funniest thing happened just now. I was watching TV, eating supper, and working on the grocery list, and the dogs (who were sleeping on their beds in the dining room) started barking and howling and jumped up from their beds and there were claws all over the floors and when I got there, they had chased a mouse into Evan's closet. They were clawing at the crack under the door, and howling and barking and sniffing under the door. I opened the door and they continued to dig deep into the closet, behind the bottom row of clothes and through everything, cornering that mouse. I gave up watching them, and went back to my cheeseburger, and pretty soon Boyd comes walking into the bedroom- WITH A HANGER ON HIS BODY! he had sniffed right through the hanger to get to the mouse, and was wearing the hanger like a belt, although an uncomfortable. He wanted that mouse so bad he went right back into the closet to get the mouse, wearing the hanger. I snapped a couple of pics with my camera, but he wouldn't sit (must have not been comfortable) and he kept turning around to look at the hanger. I laughed so hard! Check it out!
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