Friday, January 20, 2006

Battle of the Bands in my Head.

Well, it's snowing. And I am SOOOOOO glad it is Friday. SO glad. I can't even express. Sure, I laid around in bed for two days this week, but still. I am exhausted. Sickness just sucks the energy out of you. I am feeling better today, more like myself! Still some nausea, but oh well. At least Yogurt Burst Cheerios are good to me.

This weekend, I honestly can't think of what I need to be doing. A check of my calendar shows that it's my turn at work. Ugh. Oh well. Besides that, I will probably be close to home. Picking up, doing luandry and dishes, and watching the movies I have Tivo'd, like VanHelsing and Calendar Girls, and Mr and Mrs Smith- Although I am worried that Brangelina may have ruined that movie for me.

The freaking radio is playing the "Coyote Ugly" song that Leann Rhimes sings. I am SO sick of that song. It's kind of like a bad Cher song just.... won't... die. Please note that I am not controlling the radio, or it would be my ipod, on which there is no LeAnne Rhimes or Cher. As for embarassing songs on my itunes, I would say none of them, but some of you might say that Blondie, Pat Benetar, The Bangles, Joan Jett, REO Speedwagon, and Fleetwood Mac could be considered embarassing. My current favorites are Coheed and Cambria and Tommy Janes and the Shondells. I could survive for a week on just those two. Throw in some Beastie Boys, Violent Femmes, and maybe a little Jamiroquai or Hum, or Tripping Daisy, and I could make it a month. I can not get enough of Coheed and Cambria, thanks to my husband, and Always & Never and Willing Well III (Apollo II: The Telling Truth) are two that are my very favorites.... and I find them caught in my head ALOT. And you know, take a look at the Bangles. They are totally cool chicks. They are MILFs now, by far, and I don't think anyone could deny that (that's them above) and I am totally jealous of their cool hair and cool clothes and pink guitars. Awesome.


Big D said...

That's almost like the battle of voices in my head!

dazed said...

I also tend to talk to myself out loud. I got that from my dad too.

Anonymous said...

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