Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sunday Already!

Well, most of today was defined by the word headache. As in I have had one all day. I did take a shower, put away all my scrapbook supplies and clean the scrapbook table, clean the bedroom and put on a bedskirt by myself (not easy on a queen bed), and washed some dishes, we moved the table into the dining room, raised the "pot rack" (cookware hanging rack), did 5 loads of laundry already with many more to come, Evan matched socks and put them away. I folded towels and rags and rugs and put them away. The dogs got in the garbage three times until Boyd got himself banned to the kennel for the entire afternoon. I picked up a baby bassinet from Cathie that she had purchased at my neighbor's sale- I told her the day of the sale like a year or more ago that I wanted it when she was done, and she emailed me the other day and so I went to pick it up tonight. It is nice, a Graco vibrating Bassinet. It's just a bassinet people, don't freak out and start (again) asking if I am pregnant, the answer is here if you would care to find out. I still need to go to Wal-Mart because we are out of cheerios and softener salt, a deadly combination. If my headache ever ever ever goes away I will probably be much better at functioning the rest of the evening.
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