Tuesday, January 24, 2006

1am and I pissed off my body...

(to the tune of "saturday night, and I aint got no-body." Sing it now....)

I am getting cranky. It is 1am and I just walked in the door. Seriously and literally. I have been working on that wireless network and putting in new computers.... again.... tonight.... after 8.25 hours at my full time job, I spent 6 hours on the other job. And then just as we are finishing, we put a computer in place, and it won't connect to the network. And we discover that the patch cable that was run previously has gone bad. And we need to run a new one, underneath the office building, into the basement. In the dark. Without a drill, through a hole that is too small. So we ended up improvising with a cable run all across the office to the wireless router, and leaving to call it a night (technically a morning) I am so fucking (yep, the F word, "partial profanity" be gone) exhausted and cranky. The upside is that I got to drink 4 glasses of wine while working and listed to my ipod, which made the time go faster.... up until the time I lost the buzz and started to get edgy and bitchy. And now I just have "wine heartburn" and no clean clothes to wear to work. Lucky me. Tomorrow. Sleep. After work. I promise to myself. Self, let me apologize for the physical and emotional stress that I have put you through since Sunday. Brain, take a rest, sleep sleep.


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