Friday, January 20, 2006

a totally worthless post. I dare you to read it.

Before I begin, let me mention that I am this week's tenant at A Table for One. I am thrilled. I hope that I meet some new friends this week... so welcome everyone - and especially those who surf on in via the table.

My obsession with the late 60's and early 70's has followed me from day one. My mom once told me that she thought I was accidentally born in the wrong era. I love the music, the cars, the clothes... and I will never have enough of them. Growing up, my dad listened to KUUL FM and I heard oldies after oldies after oldies. I learned every word. I remember when I was little, I used to think that CCR's bad moon on the rise was "the bathroom's on the right" and I swear my dad about died laughing. But from him, I got the amazing talent of making up new lyrics to go with any song, usually on the spot without further thought. I am always making up my own words.

But of course as you can tell from my web address, my favorite movie of all time is Dazed and Confused, from the time I saw it in Kansas City Missourri in 1994 until this day, 12 years later. And another of my favorites, is A Walk on the Moon. I love to listen to the oldies, Hendrix, ZZ Top, Head East, Foghat, Black Oak Arkansas, Alice Cooper, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Steve Miller Band, Aerosmith (Sweet Emotions era), Led Zeppelin, CCR, Frampton, The Doors, and one of my favorite CD's is the Best of Woodstock. It's just the era that appeals to me and it isn't something I have grown out of.

Tonight I watched A Walk on the Moon again, and I have to tell you, how hot is Diane Lane? In that Movie, and in ALL her movies. She amazes me. Foxy Lady. Excellent Actress. I also loved her in Under the Tuscan Sun. She is just fabulous!

I guess I have to rank her up there with Matthew Mcconaughey- and Sandra Bullock. And to know me, you have to know that I usually don't have passion for just any celebrity. I had four, and I guess I have to add one more, just for Diane. The Matthew thing started with Wooderson in Dazed and Confused. And it wasn't that I was in love with the out of school older guy who hung out with high schoolers, no no no. I was in love with Melba Toast. And With the fact that Wooderson had the hots for Cynthia, the redhead smart girl (hello ME?!) when there were all these girls like bitchy hot Darla around. And then it just grew and grew as his movie list just grew and grew. And when he ran smack into Sandra Bullock in a Time to Kill, it was all over for me. Anyway, I am just rambling pretty much in this post. Sorry about that.

But Sandra, I have to say it was Hope Floats that sealed the deal. My husband makes silly faces at me with every single reference to that movie but I am telling you, I related to that film heavily when I first saw it. I related to that feeling like the entire bottom fell out and you had to start everything over again. I related 100% to that "I could cry in my pajamas for a month" feeling and I remember scaring the crap out of Evan when we saw that in the theatre because the tears just STREAMED down my face and I was like THIS movie KNOWS! It KNOWS exactly how it feels to have your heart broken. And he looked at me like YOU are a FREAK and I said YOU don't know because you have never HAD your heart broken, and you had better hope you never do. And I can't even listen to the soundtrack of that movie without crying. It's inevitable. I try to keep it off the ipod though, because it's totally not cool to be like walking down the sidewalk and become a bawling mess for no apparent reason. The Sandy Rogers song Fool for Love used to do the same thing to me. How strange is it to be in the middle of Reservoir Dogs and start bawling? Like that wouldn't confuse the fuck out of your boyfriend.

And of course, I have the weak in the knees thing for Vin Diesel. And I had a little Mark Wahlberg thing for a few years. But as far as serious acting skills goes.... Matt, Sandra, and Diane. I;ll make an exception on my two rule for Diane. Wouldn't you?


IzzyMom said...

My new neighbor looks like Vin Diesel...neh neh! I've liked Diane Lane since that movie "A Little Romance" that she was in when she was about 12. My friend and I watched it on cable over and over. I loved "Unfaithful"

Anonymous said...

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