Monday, January 16, 2006

Gwen's Questions.... Borrowed from Tina.

Hi, Gwen. This is for you!

1. What does "surfing the 'net" encompass for you? Reading blogs? Browsing online catalogs? Reading news? Looking for weird stuff? Stealing jpgs? Porn?
Everything. Research. Educate myself on something new
everyday. Shop. Read Blogs (more that now than ever before) and
shop. I like to price compare and add things to my Froogle Wishlist.
I read news on MSN and search google for more info on what I determine to be
interesting stories, and I read Salicious Gossip and Heresay for my celebrity

2. What are your favorite web sites to buy from? Or, to window-shop on?
Ummmm.... depends on what I am looking for. I love Froogle, and I
love eBay.
I also like
although the rug incident pissed me off.
Target, Amazon, Barnes and Noble. I pretty much go to the places with
free or super saver shipping. That's what draws me in and makes me come

3. What are your plans for Valentine's Day?
Well, the night before I am hosting an open house, with Longaberger. Come
to see the house all remodeled. It's going to be fun. V-day itself I
will be working. And hoping for beautiful flowers to arrive at work.
Maybe more than one bouquet. You can all send some to me if you want to
make my day!

4. What is your favorite flower?
Does this have anything to do with #3? My favorite flowers are ones that look
like spring. Especially Yellows and Whites (yellow tulips with White
Daisies), or colorful Bouquets like Gerbera Daisies, or something that looks
fresh picked and spring like, with stargazer lillies and greens and babies
breath. I like things that make me think of easter and spring and fresh
new grass and leaves on the trees. Puppies in the grass. New White
Tennis Shoes and Skirts with Sandals. Did you know flowers made me think
so hard?

5. If you had to have a wedding (or if you had to redo your wedding), what would be the most important aspect of it for you? Dress, flowers, music, food? Explain and describe.
Well since I just DID the wedding thing, and I don't regret anything about
it except for the argument I had to have with Yaletown Mini when they "didn't
have" the rental car I had rented 6 months in advance, I would say it was
perfect in every way. Although I hated that our hotel charged us an arm
and a leg for what was a MUCH smaller room than what was pictured on their
website. ($390 a night and it was TINY) But the details that mattered were
perfect. SO I wouldn't change a thing.
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