Thursday, January 26, 2006

Dear Husband

Dear Husband,

I know that you don't regularly read my blog, but just in case.... The following is a list of things that a wife would love to have for Valentine's Day. I know that it isn't a fabulous holiday by all guy standards, but you have done pretty well over the years. And you know, last year I bought some cute Valentine Scrapbook Paper, so I really need something to scrapbook.... What could it be. Remember that year that wife bought you a new kenmore grill for Valentine's Day? Remember the wife that bought you a new Fender Guitar for Christmas? I don't want you to spend that much on me, I just want you to realize that Valentine's is an important holiday for me. And Girls like Pretty things and Soft things and things that smell good. So just in case you happen to be passing through....

1. This one you will like... I like Red, Blue, and Undercover Pink
2. Or perhaps this one? I like Fredericks Pink, Fredericks Pink, or Plum Velvet
3. And Who Could Resist Hugs and Kisses?
4. Or maybe something Sparkly?
5. Or something Yummy?
6. Or maybe a Gift certificate for a little something later?
7. Talk to Trish at Rita's Rendezvous for a pedicure
8. Or Nancy at Princeton Family Therapeutic Massage for a gift certificate
9. How about an aphrodisiac?
10. But you know, Baby needs a new pair of work shoes or two. (size 10 fyi)

Thank You.
Love, Wifey


Kristen said...

I suggest emailing this post to him pronto :)

Christie said...

lol, brilliant idea

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! » » »

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