Thursday, January 05, 2006

Calendar is filling up!

Party Time at Meagan's!

This week I have scheduled 2 baby showers and 2 parties at my house.

Firstly, Monday February 13th I am hosting a Longaberger Open House. Come and go from 7-8:30pm. The goal is for everyone who comes to eat and drink valentine's treats and bring cash from their sweetie to purchase their own Valentine's Presents. Come and see the house, now that it is all finished, and the new furniture (which had better be here by then) and see the New Longaberger Catalog that comes out in Febraury with new liner colors and new "colored" baskets. I can't wait. I hope lots of people come! Do you want to come? Send me an email. I will also keep the show open until after the weekend of the 18th/19th of February, so outside orders are welcome.

Secondly, on February 19th I am hosting a baby shower for Carrie (Freeman) Stokes as she will be visiting from Utah.

Plus I have the scrapbooking classes listed below to attend, and in February is also my sister Liz's Birthday, My mom's 50th Birthday, and Evan's dad's birthday, as well as Evan's grandma Marie's Birthday. So February will be a very busy month!


IzzyMom said...

Meagan, are you expecting?

:-) Wizzy

PS I'm not sure if this is an appropriate question or not. Please tell me to buzz off if it's not. I just saw some baby items on your wish list and the talk of baby showers...

dazed said...

Wizzy. Buzz off. LOL.

No I am not expecting. I have two friends who are, and I am throwing showers for BOTH of them in the next 3 weeks.

When we remodeled, we turned our spare bedroom into a nursery, in anticipation of having children in the next few years. So it's painted like a nursery, and I pick up things here and there... but it essentially empty- and I want a crib and side table to put in there so that it LOOKS finished, and then when all my friends have babies I can watch them... and I will be ready when it's my turn.

But it's not my turn yet.

:) M

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