Friday, January 27, 2006

The Dog Ate my HNT.

So I really do have a good excuse. I didn't WANT to or MEAN to miss Half Nekkid Thursday.

My friend Anya is 7.5 months preggo and back on bedrest but tonight is her baby shower AT HER HOUSE so last night I went over and cleaned the bathrooms and vacuumed and such at her house to make sure that she stays off her feet.

Then I had to go to the bar to have her husband buy me the drink that he owed me for getting his ass out of cleaning. LOL. And I had fun there because I hadn't seen Josh and Lisa forever.

Then I had to go home and Husband made Vodka Slushies for me to take to the baby shower. (what's a baby shower without alcohol??) and I was so exhausted. My new Rug came yesterday and it is awesome. So last night I put the 5' x 8' rug out and I was thinking that I would take a picture of the rug for the blog and also put up my HNT picture. Problem is? It was 11:30pm and I had taken my camera to Anya's in prep for the shower so I wouldn't forget it. SO my camera (with my HNT pictures on the card) is at Anya's. And so are all the outtake booby shots that are a bit too revealing to put on the website.... so hopefully her husband doesn't read my blog and he and Josh decide to get my camera out and check out the booby outtakes.

So I couldn't take a rug picture OR put up a HNT picture last night.... so isn't that sad? I was all prepared but then the dog ate my HNT. Really he did.


Kristen said...

I wish I had vodka slushies at my baby shower (oh wait, damn, I wouldn't have been able to partake). Jelly shots in the shape of a paccy anyone?


Anonymous said...

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