Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Make My Day. I will post about you too. Promise.

So Christie just stopped by and made my day. I am not saying that lying around in bed in various states of undress with your laptop can't be satisfying, but just as I was getting SO bored, she took a step over that line from Lurking reader to COMMENTING READER! Yee-Ha! People READ my blog!

SO of course I had to go check her out and I was instantly thrilled. And she is LINKED to me! WOW! I am famous (mini dance in bed) and I should blogroll her too!

What is totally cool is that she has a link to a geeky site where I have never been, and I found two new items that I covet. Oh boy! I might buy the sweatshirt, because I LOVE hooded sweatshirts. I Love love love them.

Check out my new covets and go see Christie for me!


IzzyMom said...

Christie says "ass fuck load of money".

She reminds me of me in real life.

And she's appears to be a liberal.

Christie rocks.

Anonymous said...

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