Sunday, January 01, 2006

Lazy Ass Wife!

Well, it’s Sunday night. I don’t have to work tomorrow, although I do have to go “to” work for a short while. I can’t tell you what I have to do there, or that would be disclosing “company operations” on the internet, or particularly my blog, which I can’t do. But suffice it to say it’s quick and painless.

I am still in my pajamas (yes all day) and I feel kind of guilty that I haven’t gotten dressed…. And that makes me feel guilty that I haven’t accomplished enough this weekend. As I started to feel guilty, I decided to make a list of what I have done, so that I hopefully would find something productive.

Friday Night after 6pm:
Vacuumed Living Room/Dining Room/Bedroom/Office
Moved Recliners out of living room to make room for guys to bring in treadmill
Picked up Christmas Presents and wrapping stuff. Found homes for everything.
Unloaded the Dishwasher
Hung Curtain Valance in the Living Room
Cleaned off Dressing Table
Washed Windows in the Living Room
Fed the Dogs
Setup and Completely washed the Treadmill when it arrived
Read 4 chapters in “Goodnight Nobody” By Jennifer Weiner
Picked up Bathroom
Dusted Living Room, Dining Room
Watched Gangs of New York

Slept till 11:30am
Called Anya and Arranged for Evan to pick up the Dryer
Talked to my sister for over an hour on the phone.
Talked to my mom for an hour on the phone.
Loaded and Ran the Dishwasher
Fed the Dogs.
Unloaded the Dishwasher again
Put away a counter full of hand washed dishes
Hand washed 2 sinks full of pots and pans
Hand washed 5 pieces of stoneware
Gathered the laundry
Washed 5 loads of laundry
Fed the Dogs
Helped Move the Entertainment Stand and all the electronics back into the living room
Dusted all the electronics
Brought speakers down from the attic, lamps, Electronics, etc.
Made the Bed
Vacuumed the Spare Bedroom
Moved a Dresser.
Picked up in the Spare Bedroom
Looked through two catalogs
Cooked and Ate a pizza
Went out for New Year’s Eve Drinks

Slept till 1:45pm (YES!!)
Made myself brunch
Went to work for my short time
Planned meals for the next three weeks, copied ingredients, prepared Grocery List (that probably took 2-3 hours in itself)
Washed 4 sinks full of dishes
Vacuumed Dining Room and Kitchen
Cleaned up Dog vomit in two places and dog snot in 4 places
Fed the Dogs
Did 5 loads of laundry
Made the Bed
Emailed 10 people
Copied 8 recipes onto recipe cards
Drank hot cocoa with marshmallows
Dusted the Bedroom
Looked at the Checking Account and Online bills
Checked my email
Read two online articles
Took out two bags of garbage
Bagged up Recyclables
Put notes on the doors for UPS man
Talked to mom a few times for about 5-10 minutes each
Looked in the mirror accidentally about 5 times and thought “YOU need a shower!”
Recorded the bears game for Evan
Watched Two episodes of Clean Sweep, a rerun of Extreme Makeover Home Edition, and the stupid Desperate Housewives recap.
Watched the 10pm News (note to readers, when playing college women’s basketball, never smack a fellow girl teammate on the ass. Unless you are a lesbian and want the entire viewing audience to know it)

And this, is an Adventure in My everyday life, and a particular weekend which ALMOST ended with me feeling like a lazy, guilty slob, who didn’t do hardly ANYTHING productive all weekend. Until, that is, I decided to bore you to death by listing my activities here. And the kicker is, I will probably be awake and productive for another 2.5 hours, until at least 1am when I finally collapse, and that on my “day off tomorrow” I will do tons more.

For Example:
Picking up the scrapbook table and the bedroom again
Cleaning off the desk in the office
Picking up the front porch
Fixing a friends computer from 2-4 tomorrow
Going to work tomorrow for a short mission
Getting Groceries
Buying Jeans and Socks
Cleaning out the fridge
Putting away groceries
Doing 5-8 more loads of laundry
Putting Away all that clean laundry I have done all weekend
Balancing the Checkbooks
Taking a Bath (tonight, I hope, before I crash)
Writing an 8 page newsletter in Publisher for Tuesday’s Princeton Computer User Group Meeting
Writing a Photo Editing Topic for Tuesday’s Princeton Computer User Group Meeting

Please tell me not to feel guilty because I was productive enough this weekend?!?!


IzzyMom said...

Is this what it's like when you don't have kids? But my GOD, you're efficient. I need a wife like you. Actually, my husband needs one like you, too. Sorry. that sounds kinky. No kink intended :-)

dazed said...

LOL. I do pimp myself out for money. really. Just probably not too fond of hurricane alley.

:) M

Anonymous said...

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