Monday, January 16, 2006

Rug Drama, Late to Work, Sick Husband.

Well, last night I went and got the bassinet and then on to Wal-Mart, and then when I got home I watched Desperate Houswives, Grey's Anatomy, Campus Ladies, Family Guy, and also did 5 more loads of laundry, folding towels and blankets, sheets and quilts. I also did a load of jeans. I put together a new shelf for our "pantry" area where I store all my Pampered Chef Stoneware and Cookware and all our canned and boxed food. I did dishes by hand and put them all away, I cleaned up in the bathroom, and fed the dogs. Pretty much just an extension of my last post.

When Evan came home he was not feeling well at all, stomach ache and headache and chills. He was moaning and groaning and he really had me worried that he was super sick, like maybe we would have to go to the hospital. So at 2:30 am I was still wide awake, listening to him moan in his sleep, so I moved to the spare bedroom, where I fell asleep and then slept right through my alarm, or turned it off in my sleep, until 9:30 when I woke up and was like HOLY SHIT!

Before work I still had to write the check for the cleaning people, take the dogs out for a potty break, fold a load of laundry, put the quilt in the dryer, and start another load, plus clear off what was left of the kitchen mess and put a plate and bowl in the dishwasher. PLUS get myself ready. So I was in "super-high-get-the-f&%k-out-of-my-way" gear once I woke up.

AND I am so pissed because my new 5'x8' area rug came and it DOES NOT MATCH! I talked to a "product specialist" who told me that the colors in the picture were reds and oranges and browns, and the rug comes and it is red and GREEN (not brown) and there is NO ORANGE! PISSED! I waited for two and a half weeks for that rug because it was on backorder, and then it comes and it doesn't match. Worst thing is it took $25.00 to ship it because it is so large, and now I have to pay to ship it back and then to have another one shipped to me. ARGH!!!!! That's $75 in total shipping! I tried to call the company today and was told "we are experiencing high call volumes so we can't transfer you to a representative at this time. please call after 8pm CST" CLICK. How Rude! No wonder they are experiencing high call volumes. If everyone else had to wait a month for their crap and then it came and it was not what they expected, they would be pissed too. So the answer to their problem? Get your shit in stock and get competent people, and then you won't have so many RETURNS and COMPLAINTS. Rocket science, eh? So I had to email customer service. and then I wait. until I hear back. I asked for them to have a UPS Pickup done on the rug and then to reship me a different one without charging me shipping again. We will see how far that gets me. But on the plus side, they haven't charged my credit card yet, so if I wanted to be a real bitch I could stop the charge until they make it right. But hopefully it won't come to that.

As for it being another freaking week. I will be okay. I will deal with it. The weekend was over SO FAST! Good god. This week will be pretty tame, besides the cleaning people coming this afternoon and my cleaning dog kennels on Tuesday night, my calendar is free. And I intend to keep it that way, so don't call me. LOL. I STILL Have a website to build for the Manlius Historical Society, a Presentation to finish for an Environmental Scientist, two sets of baby shower invites to make, print, address, and send (Anya and Carrie's showers) and a Princeton Computer User Group Newsletter that is LONG overdue. And did I mention I have a JOB? and a HOUSE to take care of? Yikes.

Feeling overwhelmed today, but also blessed to have a home that I love and that I share with a husband and two dogs, and a job that I enjoy and that pays the bills, and friends, family and co-workers who are fabulous. What's a little laundry compared to all that?


IzzyMom said...

I think I need to be a little more "Meagan" and manage my time better and you need to be a little more "Wizzy" and learn to say "Screw the laundry!" more often!

dazed said...

Well, I did say screw the laundry last weekend, which got me the 43.25 loads that I had as of last Friday.

I am sure there is a witty quote about procrastination that I could put into here now, but my brain smells like burnt toast after 11pm. So you know what I mean.

:) M

Anonymous said...

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