Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Calendar Girl. Lesbians Love Hockey. It Does a Body Good.

Someone needs to change my calendar. I have one of those calendars that is marge with little wooden blocks that have numbers, and every day you rotate those numbers. I count on those blocks. That calendar is the where I *glance* when I need to know the date and I don't want to lazily alt-tab to my outlook and change views to the calendar to see the date. Problem is that lately, I haven't changed the numbers.

I am starting to wonder if the problem might be that they are across the room and I have to get up to change the numbers. So whenever I realize they are wrong, I think "I will change them next time I get up" and then when I get up, I have already forgotten until the next time I sit down and try to look at the date. Damn girl, just get up and change the freaking numbers! Nah. That's okay. I'll get it next time I get up.

For a while I had a good thing going, where I would change them each night before I left so that tomorrow they would already be correct. I need to get back in that habit.

Can you believe I can make an entire post out of a damn wooden block calendar?

Okay, so I just got up and changed it. To tomorrow. LOL.

This reminds me that I have Calendar Girls Tivo'd at home and haven't gotten to watch it yet. I can't wait to see naked old ladies. You know, this may creep you out, but this is the second time naked old ladies have crossed my mind today. Don't ask. I will be a naked old lady someday. I am almost halfway there.

I am seriously considering moving some of my "tree" plants (ficus, cheffelara, etc) back into the living room from the porch. Problem is once the furniture comes, there will be no room in the living room. IF the furniture ever comes. Thanks Sofa Mart. My confidence in you is waning.

I really need to see a hockey game. Soon. I need to arrange that with my sister and our hockey fan friends. Both of our SO's (men) don't like hockey. Even lesbians like Hockey. I LOVE Hockey. It gets you all worked up (catch my drift?) It's an interesting thing when we have to get a group of rowdy girls together to go see a hockey game because the menfolk don't want to go.

Blogger has scheduled an outage today 4pm PST, so when you come on over and don't see my blog, don't panic. It will be back.

They make these cool treats in the cafeteria at work, they call them macaroni and cheese triangles or "wedges". They are like these battered triangles with macaroni and cheese inside. mmmmm.... They sound creepy and unreal but they are DELICIOUS and $1.75 for 6 of them. Heaven. Almost like Fried Cheese Cubes/curds. It does a body good!


IzzyMom said...

"Can you believe I can make an entire post out of a damn wooden block calendar?"

Um...I can't believe you have a wooden block calendar *snicker*

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