Thursday, January 19, 2006

Christine - where is she now?

Well, I felt like crap again today, but I worked anyway. Tonight after lying down I feel better. It's like sitting all cramped up in a chair all day makes my stomach worse. I did eat some soup tonight, and my stomach doesn't hurt now. Hope it stays that way!

I watched Christine for the first time ever.... It was a good movie, considering the improbability of it. Until the part where I realized that the car was driving itself, I thought- That car is badass! And I realized that it is a good thing I never saw it as a teenager or I would have wanted a red 58 Plymouth Fury for my first car, and I would have named her Christine. But once I saw that the car was all about driving itself (and being on fire) I realized that it really wasn't the car for me. My car needs to be totally under my control, and it absolutely can not go out wasting my gas money on lame episodes of chasing down school bullies, you know? And of course, I was (and am) a fan of old cars, but late 60's early 70's cars are more my style. I grew up spotting cars, because my dad can spot ANY (old) car, year, model, make, original colors, motor, you name it, it's in his brain. So he would have been halfway thrilled at an old car.... except that he has his own old cars to restore and wouldn't have time for mine.

What is really fascinating (to me at least and probably my dad if he ever had time to read my blog.) is how MANY fully restored Christines there are, and how in 5 minutes online I found three of the 20-some original movie cars, one auctioned for $167,400 to a man in England in 2004, and another owned and fully restored by a father/son duo in Oklahoma. Their car is one from the Camaro Chase scenes in the movie. How cool is that? And then the one from the scene where Moochie was chased into the loading dock, owned by a man in California... and it was used in a music video for The Offspring since then. When he got it, the windows were painted black (hence the suddenly tinted windows when Christine was "driving herself" and there was no interior, just a rollcage and bucket seat for the stunt driver. AND he found part of the original Movie license plate and the DMV sticker in the trunk. Wow. He even found out where all the cars from the movie were sent, and became friends with the owners of the junkyard. Many of the 20-25 cars were never running, but were pulled on dolly's in the movie and taken to the junkyard when the movie was finished.

Well, tonight I also managed to cram in "my name is earl", "the office", "The O.C." and now I am onto my nightly repeat of Family Guy before bed. What a productive evening. I really can't wait to feel better, so I have some energy and the ability to stand or sit upright without feeling nauseous.

Boyd is snoring on the bed next to me, and I hope to be sleeping soon too. Sorry I am so lame lately, but there isn't much excitement when you are sick.

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