Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Foxes and Goldfish and Radioactive Cats- Oh My!

Damn the sickness for the dreams I keep having.
I dreamt that we moved. To an apartment building (WTF?) and it was like an entire old building (think small town main street brick with the tall windows) and it was top to bottom converted into living space for one family. I wasn't too upset except this isn't a FARM~ Hello. So I had seen the whole house, we were moving in, and Evan makes this comment that there is "more" of the house that I haven't seen, by the foyer, which is technically on the side of the building since we are on corner. So I go to check it out, and whoa..... this is where the dream gets trippy. The Foyer is HUGE like 4 times the size of our current living room. And just as I am mentally installing mudroom accessories, coat hooks and baskets for mittens that would make Martha Stewart Screech... I see a door, and as I walk through it I see that I have REALLY seen like half of the "house" and there are FIFTEEN more rooms. The floors are slanted in all of them. They sit lower than the rest of the building so the floors slant up towards the rest of the place, where there are all these doors adjoining them to the rest of the house. Every Room is decorated and full of furniture, and each one is like a different theme of place of time. They are all like bright colors (think Ikea Meets Austin Powers- If I'd only had go-go boots.) and they have funky lamps and carpets and artwork on the walls. I was like WHOA! AWESOME! I swear now that I am awake it was like my own IKEA showroom. (I think this all comes from nailing down the date for our IKEA trip with my sister just the other night) and I think to myself HOW will we POSSIBLY use all these rooms! And HOW will we possibly CLEAN them all? After a while I became mildly annoyed, especially by the slanted floors, and I had to wake up to get away from it because the rooms never ended. Bizarre.
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