Friday, January 13, 2006

Git R Jumped!

I love this game. My first try I jumped 1147.4 and I haven't beat it yet.

Play Larry the Cable Guy's ATV Jumpin' Game.

Plus, I ran across a few new redneck words of my own today.

ECLIPSE; "I hate it when Eclipse his toenails and leaves them all
over the floor"

COUNTERFEITER; "I hope we get them there cabinets installed today,
because tomorrow the Counterfeiter is comin' with the new countertops."

PARADOX; "the Mole on Larry's sister's face was so big it took a paradox to
remove it."

RUBBERNECK; "my wife gets stressed out so i try to rubberneck to calm er down."

SELFISH; "all three gas stations in town selfish bait."


pamperedjenn said...

I got the same score and can't beat it either.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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