Monday, January 30, 2006

Laundry Bitch

Today for lunch, we tried the new Pizza Hut Cheesy Bites Pizza. Yum! If you like cheesy garlic bread, this is the stuff for you!

The weekend is over. It didn't feel very relaxing. I did so much laundry! When it is all clean we have no room in the linen closet, no available hangers, AND both of our closets are too full to fit any more.... not to mention our dresser drawers. I had 4 loads of dark clothes, and 2 loads of jeans. Only 2 pair of jeans and about 7 shirts out of those loads belonged to me. Yet I spent all day Saturday and all day Sunday until about 2am each morning, doing laundry. Folding, hanging, carrying. I did have husband put away his clothes that I washed on Saturday, but I did put away all his clothes from Sunday. I washed a load of towels, 2 loads of blankets, a load of rugs, and 2 loads each of white clothes and good clothes, plus a huge load of reds. Ugh. I feel like a laundry bitch. And I ran the dishwasher and did about 3 dish strainers full of dishes by hand. Lots of pots and pans and stoneware. And I made the bed, picked up everywhere, sorted through the collection of nekkid magazines in the bathroom. (we don't need every centerfold since October of 2005 looking at us, three mags will be plenty)

So by 1:40am I was exhausted. I couldn't match another sock or fold another towel if I tried. SO I went to sleep. First I took a bath. Then I went to sleep. I slept like a rock. A rock that didn't want to get up this morning.

This week I have enough going on. I desperately need to finish the powerpoint that I wanted to have finished two weeks ago. It is promised by the beginning of February and that is THIS WEEK! I still have two websites to build and one to finish and get publiched (and this is outside of the sites I have for my full time job!) I am starting to feel stressed and overwhelmed again. I have my brother-in-law's computer to look at, but that will likely not be till the end of the week.

Tonight I need to get my oil changed and pick up some groceries. Tomorrow I clean dog kennels. Wednesday I have a doctor appointment. Thursday I have a 2pm meeting. Friday I have dinner with Cari at Chestnut Street Inn in Sheffield, we each won Birthday gift certificates. Saturday I think we are going to IKEA for Liz's birthday and Sunday I will either shop for new work shoes or scrapbook to avoid the superbowl.

I ordered new checks today. Tuscany. And I put a message on them in Italian, it's a Sicilian Proverb... Casa senza fimmina 'mpuvirisci. - How poor is a home without a woman! I thought it was fitting. Sort of a double meaning on "poor" (hence the printing on checks)

So last night was an AWESOME episode of Grey's Anatomy. How about PD being there for Meredith. How can he LOOK at Meredith like that and be with Addison! It's WRONG! It just broke my heart. It really did. Although any other man besides Patrick Dempsey (or Matthew Mcconaughey) telling me how to breathe when I am that upset and I probably would have decked him. And Izzy having a 11 year old daughter! WOW! Next week's episode looks even better! I have Desperate Housewives Tivo'd to watch later, because I was watching the new episodes of Simpsons, War at home, Family Guy, and American Dad. War at Home was pretty good. Thank GOD for Tivo. Although I am sure that was Satan's Idea too.

If it were up to me, I would spend the entire day today alternating between bubble baths and bed, reading books and taking naps and applying various good smelling skin smoothing lotions and potions. And first I would start with using my Gift Certificate for a pedicure that I have had since Christmas.

that reminds me, both the dogs and myself are due for a pedicure, and I need my teeth cleaned, so I could start making some calls.....

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