Saturday, January 28, 2006

Saturday Night Fever

What an eventful Saturday!

Last night was Anya's shower. She got lots of nice gifts and afterwards Lisa and I hung out and picked up a bit, and I put together her papasan baby swing for her. I got to sleep around 2:30am and then today I took a bath (ahhh) and then I called to check on the furniture- and it was IN! YEAH YEAH YEAH! Not the tables. They had some issues with the shipping of the side tables and the coffee table, but we did pick up the couch and the loveseat today. In the rain. Luckily a friend let us borrow his enclosed trailer, and Kyle came over and helped. Before we left home I slipped on the steps on the back porch (they were wet from all the rain and the guys coming in and out) and I twisted my ankle and fell down the steps. It hurt like hell. So I rode to Sofa Mart with Ice on my ankle. The couch and loveseat are FABULOUS, but we have some rearranging to do, and need the tables, so I will take pictures once we get those.

I also got to eat Hamburger Helper Lasagna TWICE today, for lunch and supper, so that made me happy. I know Hamburger Helper isn't the healthiest, but it is the ultimate comfort food, next tha Mac and Cheese and Tuna Casserole. Mmmmmm.

Tonight I am doing Laundry. Ick. The dog found a dead mouse in the basement, with his insides exploding to his outsides (poison) and he brought it to me in the laundry room. Awww. How sweet. It smelled HORRIBLE.

It is so nice to sit here on the new couch and fold clothes. My ankle hurts. It's interesting keeping the dogs off the new furniture. Boyd hasn't tried to jump up yet, but he has gotten that look and I just say NO and he stops. I did put the leather protectant on when the guys got the furniture in the house. I love the smell of leather. Mmmm.

Tomorrow will be time to pick up, change all the bedding, etc. Cleaning people come on Monday. Evan is out washing dog beds. We have 6 dog beds. 2 outside and 4 inside. That's alot of washing. We take them to the laundromat to wash and dry them quickly and since some of them are too large for our washer and dryer. The dogs will be thrilled to have clean fluffy beds to sleep on. They have that winter boredom right now, this week Hadley has eaten a wooden seashell (decorative) and a roll of paper towels, and a plastic water bottle. I hate when it thaws because the yard gets all muddy and when they go outside to potty, they bring in the muddiest paws, Hadley usually looks like he has on shoes made of mud.

Well, that's it for another boring post. Enjoy!


IzzyMom said...

You've gone way too long without a post. I'm sending out a seach party if we don't hear from you soon

dazed said...

I know it. Laundry I tell you. It just ate me up and spit me out. All the housework I did this weekend just kicked my ass. LOL.

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