Friday, January 27, 2006

Blogger Versus Bullets. I win.

Well, today I worked on "mission perfect sidebar."

Moral of the story, it wasn't flashy enough and it loaded too quickly, so I decided to sabotage it by adding more graphics.

Actually.... part of my OCD is bullets. I. Love. Bullets. And Blogger hates Bullets. Although they put that cute little bullet icon and the cute little number icon in the Create and Edit Posts Area, they don't work. Cutting and Pasting The Bullets from a word processing program doesn't work. HTML for Bullets (Ordered and Unordered Lists) also does not work. It Makes Me Angry. Picture me as a green hulk (female of course) with my green breasts popping buttons off my shirt as I get angrier and angrier over the Blogger vs Bullet War.

I decided screw them, I am going to make my OWN bullets, and I will coordinate them with my template and Blogger vs Bullets can BITE ME.

So it's all done, I think it looks cute. The page probably won't even load on dial up.... but it probably never did anyway. So I figure I will only have High Speed readers from now one. I have yet to check the view from Mozilla to see if it looks screwed up, but I do like it in IE.

Welcome to the freakish sidebar at Adventures In Everyday Life. At least I don't have any "blinkies" right?!

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