Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Wow. I did NOT want to get up this morning. Over our "vacations" for Christmas and New Years, I got into the habit of not going to bed till 1 or 2am. Which made it EXTREMELY difficult to get up this morning after staying up till 1:30 this morning. Icky.

My CTMH order came today, and I got some discontinued brass stencils, the teeniest stylus you have ever seen, a package of vellum, and the Create-a-file (D1114) Stamp Set that was the Special for December. I can't wait to go home and create file folders. However. Problem. I have no arcylic blocks large enough for the file folders. Yikes! Guess that will be in my club order for January! And I probably need a 4.5 x 6.5 block. That's the "largest" they make, and I worry a little that i will have a hard time getting the entire surface of that to "stamp"

Here is the stamp set (their website is still showing Decembers, although that may change shortly) and also a bunch of examples of things they made with the set. I will also put a picture in this post so you can see it.

I was wondering to myself yesterday, how is it that people become professional bloggers? Look at www.dooce.com - Is she a SAHM that blogs, and therefore can claim blogging as her profession? Does she get PAID? How do you get PAID to blog unless it is a company blog? I don't get that.

Well, enough for now. Tonight is the PCUG Meeting. I have lots of work to do before then.
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