Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Return of the Germs.

Home Home on the range....

Did I ever mention how much it sucks to be sick. I don't mean to be home, but I mean to be home and be really sick? Last night I was so sick that from 10pm-2am I could do nothing more than lie in a fetal position and think about my upcoming trip to the ER and how I needed to put fresh underwear like mom said and how I should probably brush my teeth but how would I put a toothbrush in my mouth without gagging.

Well, at 2am I finally fell into a delicious sleep, to be awaken at 2:45 with two pair of dog eyes looking at me. WTF? So I got up, let them out, drank some water, and slept till 8:30 when I called in (yep I called IN) and then I went and took a bath. Calgon didn't take me away but it made my sick skin feel fresh again. I ate some Yogurt Burst Cheerios and didn't feel terribly nauseous, and my stomach wasn't ferociously bothered by them. Then I moved to the other bed (it's more comfortable, and I was feeling like I may be getting bed sores) where I slept from 10:30am till 1:45pm. Like a rock.

There is so much to DO here if I only felt better. That's what is like torture. I am here by myself and there is no job in the way, I should be doing laundry and dishes and picking up and working on projects on the computer and maybe scrapbook pages. If I could only lie in bed and put clothes on hangers from a horizontal position.... I bet crippled people do it.... I need to quit whining and buck up.

Well, that was fun. Sleepy time....
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