Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Sorry Insight Cable Guy!

So when we moved into the living room, the cable had never been hooked up in there. We decided to get a seperate cable box in the living room and keep the one we had in the bedroom. So I scheduled a Cable Installation appointment last week. I wrote it down like a bazillion places, reminded Evan, etc. This morning, 8:22am, the dogs are barking. I am snoozing my alarm, snoozing, needing to get up, the dogs keep barking, we hear this strange dinging (ARGH! Is THAT what the new doorbell sounds like?!) and I realize IT'S THE CABLE GUY! So I stick my head out and yell "Don't leave! I am sorry! Just a Minute!" and the dogs are barking and growling. So I throw on pajamas, hair sticking up on end, morning breath, no bra, you get the picture..... and the cable guy is laughing at me when I get to the door. I said "I am SOOO SOOOO sorry! I forgot you were coming today!" and he came in and installed the new cable box in about 30 minutes (had to fix some wiring from the basement) and then I got ready for work. SWEET! Then after he left, we had this call on the phone, and didn't recognize the caller ID. It was the Cable guy, reminding us that I had forgotten to pay the cable bill due at the end of December (christmas, you know the drill) and that If I didn't pay it we were going to be shutoff overnight. Damn! What a cool cable guy! He probably thinks I am a total spaz. Didn't pay the bill, didn't remember he was even coming. Oh well. So I called and paid the bill by phone and all is well in cableland (like candy land only there are more remote controls.)

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