Saturday, July 15, 2006

Meagan 2, Treadmill 12

How can it be that I am so stupid when it comes to excercise equipment? That damn treadmill had me fooled AGAIN!

Remember when I hated the treadmill and then one day I had a revolution that I was walking on the steepest incline? And then I figured it out? and Vowed to walk every night? Yeah. Well that was like may 1st, and apparently the last time I walked on the treadmill. I walked at night outside for most of June, but then I had a week of feeling really icky at the end of June and haven't gotten back into it yet. Bad Bad Bad.

So today I thought I was going to get on the treadmill again, because my recent excuse is that it has been too damn hot to walk outside (which it has been, and incredibly humid.) So when I go to unfold the damn treadmill, I can't get the incline right AGAIN and so I thought, hmm... why not consult the manual. And of course, I learned something else. The reason why the electronic console doesn't work? Um yeah. Dead. Batteries.

Who would have thought that when you plug the treadmill into the wall, it would STILL need batteries for the console to work? Oh Jeez! So I rob the batteries from the rabbit, and it's like WHOA! I can check my pulse! See how many calories and Fat calories I have burned! See how fast I am walking! See how long I have been walking! See how many MILES I have gone! So I just walked 15 minutes, .8 mils, at between 3.5 and 4 mph. I am happy. And sweaty. Because the AC is running now but it's still 79 in here. It's too damn hot to wear the M&M Suit so I opt for a sports bra and track pants... which were ALSO too hot. I also walked with the iPod, which was grand.

Can I walk again soon, or will I be writing another post in September about how I haven't walked since JULY?

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[m]att™ said...

Did you know ?

I read an article yesterday about how the prevelance of A/C is a contributing factor (not cause) of North America's weight issues (In Europe A/C is far less common). On a hot day you can burn up to 500 calories from sweating alone, even if all you're doing is sitting at work. I'm glad I don't have a house with A/C now ! Imagine how many pounds I've lost from just being warm !

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