Thursday, July 20, 2006

Good Freakin Morning HNT

Well, first order of the day, here's me with my oatmeal at 5:30am. Except I only ate two bites.

So I started some new medication last night, and it fucked with me. It still IS fucking with me. I was so tired I was asleep by 11pm, which is UNHEARD of for me, if you read here you know that. Then at 1am the dogs started going all apeshit, barking. Hadley especially was in "defend and attack" mode. I yelled at him but he didn't be quiet, so I knew that he wasn't just defending his food from Boyd's potentially evil glances.

So When I wanted to move, My arms were all weak and it hurt to bend my elbows, like I had been asleep in that position for months, not two hours. When I was finally able to get up, I felt a little better. I went pee, then looked outside, Hadley was having a heart attack at a bucket truck that was backing up on the road outside the house. It was Corn Belt Energy (local power company) and they were parked with two wheels in the yard in front of the house, kinda sitting along the road. Hadley hates loud vehicles and he will freak out at them, and anything/one that comes out of them. This goes doubly for vehicles with lots of lights, that show up after dark. I went outside in my PJ's and sat on the step. Nothing happened. I took their picture. Nothing happened.

I was dying to know if it was JH or SO. You see, I know lots of linemen for Corn Belt. Ava's dad (Anya's husband) Brad is a lineman for Corn Belt. So is his friend JH and his other friend SO. SO was the DJ at our wedding reception and also DJ's at the Clover Club in Mark. There's also IC who is a lineman and a friend of Brad's. And then, to top it all off, my husband's Uncle MN is their boss. So I was sitting there in my PJ's wondering who was in the truck, when another Corn Belt truck went by, honked at the first truck, and the bucket truck out front honked back. Now that sent Hadley into another tirade. Anyways, I went back to bed.

The dogs consistently woke me up again at 4am, and at 4:45am, and then every 10 minutes until 5:30, when the storming started up again and I had to just get out of bed for the day. Also strange, if you know me you know I don't get up till 9:30 on a weekday. But the dogs, the medicine, everything was fucking with me. So I was hungry. Made oatmeal. Ate one bite. Sat down to blog, the power went out. The power came on. Ate another bite. Didn't feel good (damn meds!) and then the power continued to go off and on while I got ready for work.

Last night pulled in the driveway, home from work, and I walked out and watched them crop dust the field that is practically in my backyard. This picture was taken from across the road to my house, because I could see him pull up over the road better, without the power poles in the way. He ran out of juice, so he flew away before he got right on top of me, but he came back later. Same plane each year. The best part is watching the people driving down the blacktop freak out when a plane flies like 10 feet over their heads. They all either duck, do a double take, or slam on their brakes. After that I went right inside, put my pajamas on and watched TV in bed, and made a skeleton head. Keep in mind that there is only like 3 hours of time between when I get out of work each night and when I try to go to sleep. And I was asleep by 11. It was nice. Strange, but nice. I hope I start to tolerate the new meds better, because I have to increase the doseage 4 times what I am taking now. But I have to get my body tolerating it first. Look for a lot of strange sleep patterns apparently!

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keda said...

i hope these meds get better that sounds horrible.
happy hnt babe :)

pcinaz said...

I hope you respond better to the meds.

I do like seeing the PC hot pad/trivet in the picture though. You know the new products have been announced... :)

Kristi said...

Oatmeal and cleavage...I like it. Good luck on the meds if you're going to have to increase by four times!

I would be one of those people who would freak about the plane flying over. Definitely.

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