Monday, July 17, 2006

The Girl is "super" and she's got mad skills!

Well, I was certainly on a roll last night. I got everything picked up, massive amounts of laundry done, cleaned off my dressing table.... remember this? Yikes! Now it looks like THIS! Yeah Me! Much better. I love to be organized. It gets me all happy. But sometimes I feel like it is an endless endless uphill battle. Well it is if you have as much stuff as I do!

July Goals:

Paint the last 1/3 of the sewing room
Make Curtains for the sewing room
Make a skeleton softie who holds a skeleton kitty softie and make a coffin for them to sleep in (swaporama stuff, I know it sounds creepy, but I have my reasons)
Pack away my sweaters (I know, I know, It's July)
Get rid of the dead plant in my dining room instead of ignoring it for another 4 months
Make a payment on my lawayay on time (he he)
See My Super Ex-Girlfriend

August Goals:
Don't forget my dad's birthday, or Anya's... since they are the same day
Celebrate 1 year wedding anniversary without watching TV in my underwear
Take in-laws out to dinner
See Talledega Nights: The Story of Ricky Bobby
See more Johnny Depp. I don't care how. I don't care where.
Score some of Jackson's vegetables (and I don't mean his cucumber)
Make August 11th-13th a Total Scrapbook Weekend!
Get my movies back from Brandon Barton
Prepare and Pack for my trip to Utah
Lose 5 more pounds by incorporating excercise!

Fall Goals:
Plan a kick ass halloween costume and find some cool friends who love costumes too
Make Caramel Apples with lots of nuts and chocolate chips
Visit Tanner's Orchard Early as husband suggested!
Take lots of walks in the leaves
Buy chunky sweaters in green, orange, red, and brown.
Carve Pumpkins
Get the Scarecrow Out and the Corn Shock Up In the Yard
Burn the Ditch before it snows
Think About where in the hell I will put the Christmas Tree!
Get up earlier so I can be home at night and enjoy the nice weather

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