Sunday, July 09, 2006

Raspberry Dreams....

Berries are my favorite fruit. And Berries and Ice Cream is my favorite snack, especially late at night! Tonight I made a run to Wal-Mart. My goal? Ice Cream and Mascara. The world is good.

I picked up 2 skimpy little microfiber chemises on clearance, a big bucket of Vanilla Ice Cream, Mascara, and some stuff for the upcoming rainbow swap at color-ific swap-o-rama. I didn't leave Wal-Mart till 11:30pm (so much for my go to bed early plan) and When I got home, the first thing I planned on doing before bed was to get myself some ice cream and raspberries. These are the raspberries that Jackson's super-sweet wife Angelique sent home with me Thursday night, and I haven't had a second to eat any yet... not to mention no Ice cream! So as I blog, I enjoy my midnight snack.

And I have the rest of them in the freezer (lying flat on a pizza pan) so that I can break them into small servings to add to my upcoming midnight snacks... by pouring the precious individually frozen raspberries into little freezer containers tomorrow. I can't wait! And, by the way, this snack tastes even BETTER than it looks! Yum!

I really wanted to do more laundry and dishes tonight, but it is midnight and I need to just go to sleep so that I can work on this "early to bed, earli-er to rise" crap.

So Goodnight Sweetheart, Goodnight.

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keda said...

oooh nummy nummy yummy! too delicious for words ;)

Izzy said...

They're beautiful! I'm a big strawberry fan myself.

Anonymous said...

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