Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Skeleton in Progress....

Just imagine the surprise of the little old ladies in the Wal-Mart fabric department when I explain that I am purchasing all this funky fabric to make a skeleton, a skeleton kitty, and a lovely lined coffin.

For my current swap-bot swap, the partner I have been assigned loves Skeletons, Tim Burton, and Emily Strange. Her Favorite Colors are Red and Black. There has to be one handmade thing in her packet, so I decided I would make her a girl skeleton doll (softie to you crafters) with a red tulle skirt, and perhaps a cape or something. She will have a pet kitty, who will of course ALSO be a skeleton, but a furry black one. They will live inside- what else.... a lovely coffin.

Tonight I found the box to turn into the coffin, and some red quilted fabric to make a lining, which will be edged and decorated with red blanket binding and black bias tape.

I cut the leg off a pair of black pants that the zipper broke in, and used white Slick Tulip Fabric Paint to freehand a skeleton on the leg. Tomorrow I will cut it out and sew the back to the front. The back will not be skeleton, too much work I decided. Just the front will show her skeleton body and the back will just be solid black (unless I get unreasonably ambitious soon.)
I will make her skirt out of red tulle (assuming it looks good) with a waistband of this red ribbon with white edges. I hope to make her clothes removeable so you can undress her to see all the bones underneath. I might sew a little punk rock appliqued pocket onto the dress, with like a spider or something. Not sure what I will do for a shirt. Might just leave her topless and add a cape of this shiny spiderweb material. I also bought black "pleather" material, to make SOMETHING, perhaps her shirt? I dunno. I still have to make her head, I see it looking a lot like Jack Skellington's. I bought furry soft felt to make the backside of the kitty, and then will use the same black with a kitty skeleton painted on for the frontside of the kitty, who she can hopefully hold in her arms with some velcro or something. Or maybe I could make her a leash with some of the black ribbonlike elements I have. The riveted leather ribbon is for the kitty's punk rock collar.

Here's what her body looks like so far:

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Michelle said...

That skeleton is awesome! Great freehand work! Can't wait to see the finished product

dazed said...

classicsportshoes.com and they have all kinds and colors. Aren't they so freakin cute!

And thanks BTW on the skeleton!

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