Thursday, July 06, 2006

Nice Thursday Night....

I had a nice evening. I left work a little early because I had alot to get done tonight. I ran home to change clothes, and then to Peru to pick up my earrings that were back from being fitted for backs. It looks to me (I could be crazy) like they put entirely new posts on the back of the diamond solitaires, with thicker threads and new special backs. I do not see these coming off unexpectedly. It's nice to have them back!

I also had three pair of shoes in that I had ordered from my work shoes (both heels and loafers) are totally shot. I replaced both pair and got a cheap $7 pair of backless white tennis shoes for summer. Last year I destroyed two pair of those. I love them!

I also made a quick stop in Hot Topic, because I saw the sign that t-shirts were on sale. Husband needs t-shirts desperately, his are always fading and falling apart. 90% of his wardrobe consists of t-shirts. They were SUPER cheap, all of them were $5.00 or less, some were as low as $2 and some were $3 or $4.00! I know! So I bought 10 t-shirts for $38.00 (that's including tax) and got a couple for me too- one from the catroon "Drawn together" with two busty girl cartoons making out (definately mine) and another one that says "I blogged your mom." I got one that I like but I will give to husband that says "Visit Oregon for the fishing, stay for the strip clubs" and has a girl's silhouette wrapped around a stripper pole in blue like neon lights. And I got him a Trigun shirt, Hellraiser, Punisher, Rurouni Kenshin, Mario, Soupa Villians, and a pretty cool Slipknot T-shirt. He is going to shit when he gets home and sees them all.

Then I went to Jackson's house, and sat and visited with Jackson and his wife (who is awesome) and his kids. I got the CD of pics I took at Jacksonfest. It was nice to get to chat with them, considering I usually only see them in person like once in 4 years. J's wife "A" sent me home with raspberries and a vegetable I have never had, and I can't wait to eat raspberries! Yum! How nice was that!

So- please stay tuned for the pictures and description of Jacksonfest.

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