Sunday, July 09, 2006

Drawdown Winners!

Wow. What a weekend! Friday night I was kinda cranky. The beer gardens started, and we had drawdown tickets, but weren't going to be able to make it there on time. I didn't leave work till 7pm, and I had almost NO clean clothes, hadn't eaten supper, and really needed a shower, plus I was exhausted! We decided not to go. I had talked to Anya earlier in the day and told her that we wouldn't make it to the beer gardens by the time the drawdown started at 8pm, but it wouldn't matter because it wasn't like we were going to WIN anything, and I joked that she could call me if we won something.

I cooked supper (shocking, what with the kitchen burnout) Evan had a BLT minus tomatoes, and corn on the cob. I had corn and fish and broccoli with cheese. I decided to take a bath. I was relaxing, taking my sweet time. I had conditioner in my hair, was just soaking away, reading my book, and the phone rang. Evan answered and it was Anya. Evan came in and said "we won." and said he had to go up to the beer gardens to claim our prize. I was like "Don't worry, it's probably a pitcher of beer, don't get excited." He said "Maybe we won $500" and I was like- No. So 5 minutes later, phone rings, it's Anya, she's SUPER excited... "YOU WON $500!!! Get up here NOW!" and so Evan gets going and I am washing the conditioner out of my hair and hopping out of the tub and toweling off as fast as I can. I have a towel around my head and the phone rings, Wyanet Community Club calling, "You have just won $500, congrats!" and I say "My husband's on his way!" and on the way out the door Evan says "What will we BUY?!" and I said "we have plenty of bills to pay" and he said "Let's get an X-box 360!" and I was like FUCK NO! and he said "Let's but a new mattress!" and I was like Hmmm.... yeah!

So after further discussion, we decided to put that on our furniture loan, and that would get it pad off faster, and within the "same as cash financing" period so that the interest doesn't compound... and then we can go get financing for a new BED! Yippee! We badly need one, and we had already been trying to figure out how we would manage it, since our backs are KILLING us on the one we have.

So if I had another dollar for everytime someone has said "Aren't you buying rounds tonight?" or "Can I borow some money?" I would be even RICHER. LOL.

Most people were thrilled for us, and we heard lots of people say "we are so glad someone from Wyanet won!" and my friend Jamie, who sold me the ticket at her garage sale, was like NO WAY!

So that night I got some energy and stayed out till about 2:30, beer gardens followed by some strong ass amaretto and cokes at the Dawg House... and then I read my book till 3am when I couldn't bear to keep my eyes open another second.

And that was Friday!
Tomorrow I will blog about Saturday and tonight! but now it's 3am and I need to stop!

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