Monday, July 03, 2006

July 4th Weekend

Holiday weekends can have a way of kicking your ass. I can't believe it's Monday already! While lots of the free world has a 4 day weekend, and some people have this entire next week off... I will work Monday and have Tuesday the 4th off work. I can't believe I have to work tomorrow! today!

Erin got here Friday, and we just hung out here for a while. my mom came over to work on a bracelet and we chatted. Evan and I took Erin for dinner at Lou's LaGrotto in Peru. We had cheeseburger pizza and garlic bites... and some drinks. It was FABULOUS! I got two t-shirts, one that was a 30th anniversary tie-dyed shirt and the back says "How many pieces have you had in 30 years" and had the classic pizza slice on the back like the original shirts. I also got an original shirt that is pink with white lettering, and the back says "Had a Piece Lately?"

Then we came home and Erin and I lounged a bit and then went for a drink at the Dawg House here in town. Sleep was welcome that night! I got up around 9"30 (unfortunately) and went to Princeton. I got my oil changed, picked up some parts for my car, and got groceries. I about shit when they totalled me up at Wal-Mart. Let's just say I spent over TWICE what I normally spend, and I normally spend alot. I had a TON of cash on me and I had to run out and grab my debit card because I went so far over the cash that I had. YIKES! That afternoon I got ready and so did Erin, to attend Jacksonfest. There was food and lots of people and great fireworks... I took lots of pictures, but I left my camera at work, so I used Jacksons. I will add photos in this photoalbum once we I get the disk from Jackson.

then we went to Walnut around midnight to check out the beer gardens, there were TONS of people there, but few to none that I either knew or wanted to talk to/hang out with. We were there about 10 minutes and came home to sleep.

I was able to sleep till almost 1pm today, which was SOOOO good. I slept great. I need to call Verizon and block all out of area phone calls, because we have been getting alot lately, especially beginning at 8am, and we don't get up until late, so it's a major pain in the ass. It's mostly surveys, or companies telling us we "won a honeymoon, if we will just take tomorrow off work and listen to their 3 hour cooking show at the Holiday Inn." What a pain in the ass. And Yes I am on the do not call list. but David's Bridal (jackasses) somehow sold my name to all these bridal showcase people and they for some reason don't know that we were married LAST YEAR and already HAD a honeymoon.

Erin left around 2, and I got to spend a few hours with Evan before we parted ways and I went with my sister Liz and my Dad to Walnut for the fireworks. They do have the best ones around, but EVERY SINGLE YEAR for the past 10 years they have played the EXACT same soundtrack for the fireworks, and we know the songs in order before they even start. They also have the exact same ground displays, the Giant "USA" and the giant American Flag. It gets so boring and tedious! This year we giggled uncontrollably when they opened with "And I'm Proud To Be An American!" and we changed the words. About 3 songs in they changed it up, adding some big band and swing music that was MUCH appreciated. What was shocking? When the Drill Team danced to "down with the sickness." or something... I can't remember already, Maybe it was Korn instead, but I think that was it. My memory is going!

The fireworks were good, but for some reason over half the crowd smelled like BO and it was so gross. My sister noticed it too. Too hot I guess? And there was lots of smoke because the humidity just left it hanging there. I liked Jackson's display better, except for the part about him becoming a statistic with an unfortunate burn injury. I think he will live though. It made me remember the sulfuric acid burn that I received while working a few years back, and how it ate my pants off, and my socks, and my leather shoes, and then my skin, leaving me with a scar on my ankle that I will have forever.

After the fireworks, we went back to mom and dad's house, and watched some TV, and I came home around 1:30 to realize that the cleaning people will come tomorrow. Ugh. I tidied up and all I have left to pickup is some clothes that need hung in our bedroom and I Think I will do that in the morning. On the way home from Mom's, some drunks or something decided to fuck with me, and were riding my ass, even as I went 70. I slammed on the brakes and stopped in the road, slowing down to 35 and waiting for them to make their move. I must have scared their asses a little, because they backed off and I flew onward. Homeward.

And now, goodnight. Parting is such sweet sorrow.
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