Friday, July 21, 2006

Festival 9 3/4 ~ Harry Potter in Princeton Tonight!

Wow! Today I feel SOOO Much better! I left work early yesterday (couldn't do it anymore, too icky feeling) and slept from 2pm-5:30pm and never moved once. When I woke up, the meds were out of my system and I felt so much better. I took the second one at supper and once it got into my system I was feeling really really sick again, and it scared me. Poor husband. Trying to make me be calm and sleep. Well, finally I was able to be calm, and I slept from about 11pm straight through till 8:30am. And when I woke up I felt great. My body must be getting used to the meds, and it appears they will probably be okay. It will definately be difficult to increase to 4x my current dose, but feeling good today has given me a better feeling about it. So I feel optimistic!

I have lost another pound today, which is good.

I am super super excited about tonight! It's Princeton's Festival 9 3/4, the Harry Potter Celebration. They take 3 blocks of main street and close it down, and turn it into "Diagon Alley." Each storefront is decorated and they all sell Harry Potter merchandise (wands, candy, etc) and they have special stations and activities.... like Quidditch practice and a Owl/Pigeon area where you get to see live birds and learn about them. They will have the knights bus, potions and divination classes at a Hogwarts' Extension Campus (matson Public Lbrary) and a house of moving portraits (where you get your official picture taken) as well as the Moaning Myrtle Dunk Tank. There's also an outdoor movie at 9pm. So. That said. I am trying to figure out if I will be wearing a costume, or not. I am, after all, just a big kid.

I am looking pretty punk rock today, all pink and black with the top half of my hair in pigtails and my chuck taylor's on... and layered pink and black tank tops. So maybe that will be funky enough and I won't have to venture into the heat of the attic to find me a witch's hat. Although I have a pretty kick ass feathered witch hat....

I am renting children for the night (LOL) so that I can fully enjoy the Festival 9 3/4 with them. Come to think of it, I should go buy wands today, so that we don't have to worry about them all being sold out.
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Michelle said...

Those shoes are kick ass!

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