Sunday, July 16, 2006

Productive! Finally!

Well, if this hasn't already been a fabulous day!

This morning I wrote my letter to my secret swap buddy Eva for the "letter #2 Swap" on swapbot.

I started out by picking up in the bedroom, bathroom, and living room. Then I vacuumed bedroom/bathroom/living room/dining room/front porch/kitchen. Dog hair BE GONE!

Then Evan helped me move the coffee table so I could thoroughly vacuum the rug underneath, and helped me pull out the couch and loveseat so I could wash them each down with leather cleaner and apply leather conditioner to keep them soft and prevent cracking. Quite the undertaking! I even vacuumed under them and behind them and the end tables. Ahhh.... feels good!

I had a nice conversation with my friend Carrie and got the whole scoop on her labor and c-section delivery, on baby Cara's progress, and how things are going for her now. We talked about our upcoming travel to see her, and later in the day my friend Angela showed up on my doorstep (surprising since she lives almost 2 hours away (with traffic) in the suburbs.) Angela and I called Carrie, and got online and purchased our airfare tickets to Salt Lake City for a long Labor Day Weekend, where Carrie and Cara will pick us up and we will spend 4.5 days. I can't wait! The three of us are like the Three Musketeers. We have been friends for Years and Years and Years but we are only all able to be together like once or twice a year.

Evan helped me move all the furniture back, and he brought my a Subway wrap for lunch, which I actually ate at about 4pm. So this leaves the rest of the night for me to do my 10 thousand loads of laundry, and unload and reload the dishwasher AGAIN, and do whatever else I can to make a house feel like a home. And prepare myself for work tomorrow, and Hopefully walk... whether it be after 10 pm when hopefully it isn't so hot, or inside on the treadmill.

Yesterday Evan and I went to Peoria around 5pm, ate a nice salad bar dinner at Ruby Tuesday's (Yum yum yum!) and then went to the Grand Prairie Mall. We got some MUCH needed new clothes, since I have lost weight my pants keep falling off, and I haven't bought new clothes for myself since about 4 months since we got married, which would be about 15 months ago! At Old Navy we hit some great sales... I got 4 tank tops, two pair of flip flops (one for only $0.97!) and two pairs of khakis for work, and 1 black top. Evan got two pair of shorts, and 3 t-shirts. I got a brown sleeveless shirt on clearance at Eddie Bauer (what is WITH their funhouse mirrors by the way?) and I got Evan a cool hat at Pac Sun. I also got 2 sleeveless shirts (red and blue striped) on clearance at Shop-Ko and some scrapbook embellishment letters for my rainbow swap pal for August. while we were at the mall, we went to the candy store (yum!) and bought scoops of tasty candies. Gummy Bears, Sour Path Kids, Rock Candy, Tart n Tiny's, candy stars, and candy legos. YUM!! I will send some of the colorful candies to my rainbow swap buddy too.

So all is well. Ahhh.... laundry! Hope everyone else's Sunday has been great. As great as it can be considering it signifies the end of the weekend!

:) Meagan

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Michelle said...

I'm lovin' all the red clicky links here! Little Cara is absolutely adorable! And WOOHOO for your pants falling off (ahem!) and needing to hit the mall!

keda said...

i so miss shopping in the US. though being a brit i find more of my style in the uk, its just so much cheaper over there! i miss going shopping and being able to buy stacks of items... sigh...

well done on the pants falling off. attagirl!

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