Sunday, July 16, 2006

The waterpark capital of the world- practically in my backyard.

Just woke up. I wasn't awake enough to function, so I turned on cable. They had a big thing on Wisconsin Dells. What is crazy, is that I never really realized that we are pretty lucky to have something so big, so CLOSE to us. Probably many people around the US have no idea what they are missing. SO I am just curious, Have YOU been to the Dells, how many times, and where did you travel from.

The dells is only like 5-7 hours from us (traffic can get bad up there in the summer, and travel around Chicago area can be busy too) But I have only been there once. I have driven past the dells many times, on the way to Eu Claire, Menomonie, or Minneapolis/St. Paul. My husband's best friend lives in Menomonie with his two daughters. We spent a weeklong summer vacation in Menomonie about 4 years ago, and made a lil trip to the Mall of America in Minneapolis/St. Paul, also took a walk along the Menomonie River Walk and saw the Devil's Punch Bowl, right there by Menomonie.

I also went to the Mall of America again about 3 years ago, for a conference for work. We stayed for about 3 days in a hotel right by the airport and the mall was basically across the street. THAT was fun! I got a shopping bag charm for my charm bracelet at the mall. I found that it's almost difficult to shop when you get there, it's so overwhelming. The second time I went, I got much more shopping done. I loved that there was an FAO Schwartz there. And a HUGE Old Navy!

Sadly, I have only been at the Dells ONCE. When I was about 15, I believe it was the summer before my sophomore year, we went to the Dells for our Church Youth Group. We had SOO Much fun. We spent a whole day at Noah's Ark (the world's largest water park) and also went to Big Chief's Cart and Coaster World and played mini golf and drove go carts on the world's largest multi-level go cart track. (now Big Chief's has been remaned and expanded, it's now Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park, located with Treasure Island Complex, see below)

I LOVED the water park, even though I can't swim and am afraid of water, once they got me started, I had a ball. I would love to be sitting on an innertube on the lazy river (Aka endless river) today! I also loved Congo Bongo and of course the two wave pools.

The cool thing is that now there are so many new things that go up in the dells. They have 18 indoor waterparks in the Dells. A big thing for families now is to drive to the dells for a long weekend in the winter to stay in one of the huge complexes like Treasure Island where there is a multi-level indoor/outdoor funland attached to the hotel. Dry rides and Water Rides. I know that a co-worker took her kids there as a Christmas Gift. There's even an indoor water park/fun park on I-80 in Iowa.

I personally would love to go do some more relaxing, adult-like things in the dells, before we have kids. I would LOVE to stay in a cabin. Tour or hike the outdoors scenery, spend the day at the spa... I could easily distract myself. Honestly, My ideal vacation is close to home, enjoying the outdoors, in a cabin by the lake, fishing and swimming, reading a book in an adirondack chair.

So lat me know, how many of you have been to the Dells, how often, and where did you travel from? What did you do, what did you see?

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Michelle said...

I've only driven through the dells on my way to minneapolis from Toledo, OH. Sounds like a fun place to stop and stay for awhile!

jackson said...

Dells are only like 3.5 hours away, But why go there when there is a new one next to Starved Rock and a new one being built orth of starved Rock in my backyard. I hate that those parks are going up actually, I really do not like the way this area is developing

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