Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Danger in My Own House

So apparently ya'll hate me, or perhaps you are just SOOOOO Busy.... because I am bloggin my lil heart out here... and **echo**echo** no one is here. So sad. Damn July! Just wait till winter! You'll all come crawling back to me! I hope!

Welcomew My newest tenant, Whatcha Tawkin Bout! Love her blog, please go check her out!

So, what's new. Hmmm. My medication is working. I am feeling better. I Have increased my dose without side effects and I will increase it again tonight. That's good. I got my annual bonus at work today.... if the company makes a profit, we get a percentage of our salary last year, as a bonus. That was a nice surprise. Money to cover my plane ticket that I already bought (lol.)

Anya and Ava are home, and I have seen them twice, talked to them more than twice. It's good to have them back. Ava has gotten bigger still! The best part is that her motor skills are getting noticeably better, she is holding onto things and reaching for things.... pretty much everything she touches goes right into her mouth! Anya passed along a great recipe for a Spaghetti Bake last night, I can't wait to try it with whole wheat spaghetti and fresh canned tomatoes from the garden!

Tonight I picked up my new Stampin Up Idea book. I missed my class on Saturday so I didn't get a new book. I perused it tonight, and can already see my mind analyzing which stamps are must haves.

I worked on the skeleton doll and her casket, for the coloriffic swap-o-rama, which I have to be ready to Mail by August 4th. I have all the stuff gathered, I just have to make the handmade item and I am ready to roll. The skeleton's head still has me baffled. I have a few options but am not much thrilled with any of them at this point. I have been crafting several different heads and when I position them atop the body, they just aren't right. Oh how hard it is to be a perfectionist. Husband said that the first skeleton head was the best, so I think that's the one I will go with. Tonight I measured and cut the padding and soft binding for the insides of the coffin, they are all cut and ready to sew.

Ummm so today I wore all black. A co-worker asked if I was going for Stevie Knicks. I had on black knee socks with black mary janes, and a black hankerchief hem skirt that is like calf length, a black tank top with a bell sleeved, black, crocheted sweater over it. Dark. Mysterious. Except for the freckles and reddish blonde hair that is. lol.

Today at work I got to carry two pagers. That's always fun. But miraculously, neither of them went off. At all. Yeah for me.

Occasionally I am starting to feel like I might want to cook again. But then I remember how much it costs to buy ingredients for healthy food, and how it is cheaper to buy a salad that someone else made.... and I seem to stall. It doesn't help that the things that I want to cook are like PASTA, and BREAD, and BROWNIES.... all major South Beach no-no's. I could make them and not eat them, but what fun would THAT be? No. I'd rather just not.

Major news: I have bedbugs. Sunday night I put all clean sheets on the bed. Monday I woke up with three bug bites on my left side in a row, and two on my ankles. Strange. Annoying. Itchy. Husband did a check of the bed last night. He declared it clean. When lying in bed I remember that he didn't check under the bed and I picture bazillions of tiny biting bugs under there waiting for me to fall to sleep. Tuesday morning (this morning) I have a bite on the back of my right thigh, two on my right toe, and a GIANT one on my stomach. Holy shit - What's eating me? Tonight, I am afraid to sleep. I inspected the bed. Husband said "spray lysol" and I am like "the SHEETS are CLEAN and lysol does not kill BUGS just germs! Hell-O?!"

Please pray that there are no new bites tomorrow.

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Michelle said...

So you noticed I forgot to pay my cable bill and it got shut off for a few days?!?! I'm back!

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