Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Nightstand Drawer, and other Tales from the Bedroom

I must be in the organizing mood tonight. I rebuilt the sidebar on the blog, and made everything collapsable. This made it much neater, although I feel like no one may ever see anything over there again. Oh well. Not the end of the world. Looks better anyway. Try it out. Let me know of any problems. Of course IE is still all fucked up, I think ginger went AWOL on me, and I don't blame her. I don't know how to fix the damn thing, and believe me I have tried... and so has ginger. So hopefully you can all read via RSS Feed or upgrade yourself to Firefox, where the happy people are.

After cleaning up the sidebar, I decided to clean out my nightstand drawer. It's been a while. How do I know that? Besides that I just KNOW? Probably the bath and body works coupon for free lip gloss that expired in December 2004. Or perhaps the empty birth control pill packets when I haven't used the pill as my form of birth control for 13 months... and there were like 7 empty packets in there.

I found 13 of my 957 misplaced chapsticks, LOTS of dead batteries *cough* and bobby pins, paper clips, meltish vitamin C throat drops, blister packs of Claritin D, Vitamins I gave up on... it was interesting what all I found. Three pairs of fingernail clippers, 1 set of toenail clippers. Four nail files. Buttons. Pens. Pencils. 4 Yellow Highlighters. A dolphin... *cough* Sticky Notes. Bookmarks. Hair Clips. The remote control to the window AC unit that we used last summer during remodeling and has been in the garage for the past 11 months. 1 stray maxi pad (Un-used of course!) Scissors, a pink rabbit, *cough cough* Band-Aids, Wal-Mart receipts. Matches. The lid to a ball canning jar. Cephalexin. Nabumetone. Flashlight. A Hot Heart Massager. 2 Empty Tums Bottles. A winning Sprite cap. Handheld Electronic Blackjack Game. Tape measure. All in 1 drawer. You can't make this shit up.

So. Now it's like "where do I put this shit?" I mean obviously it doesn't all belong in the nightstand drawer. Although I could apparently balance the checkbook, take phone messages, indulge in a little self-gratification, self-medicate, perform manicures, drink free Sprite, measure *something*, perform first-aid, almost can vegetables, play blackjack, cut and style my hair, and give a massage... all without leaving the comfort of my bed. I've always been a multi-tasker.

So, um, speaking of the bedroom, does organizing turn you on baby?

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Michelle said...

Holy smokes girl! You must have a nightstand the size of Texas in your bedroom!

And yes, the thought of being organized (something I've decided I will never achieve) turns me on!

keda said...

me too....! the thought that is. in its pure fantasy state. one never to be realised.

(i got slightly stuck pon the dolphin..could you add a link please to where i might see or even purchace one of those ;) )

Anonymous said...

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