Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Wednesday, Just over the hump!

Today went well. I was so busy, and that was okay. My back is still sore, but not terribly, and I feel much more relaxed. I have also made a conscious effort during the day to relax my shoulders and remove them from under my earlobes. I straightened my desk chair back at work, hoping that will help.

Husband offered to "clean the kitchen together" tonight and "work on the light in the bedroom." Which is promising, even to the point of ALMOST being exciting. Sad, isn't it? What excites us as adults? Like "the power bill went down $10.00! Whoo-Hoo!" or "Laundry detergent on SALE! wOOt!"

Tomorrow, or perhaps later tonight if I am not so wrapped up in housework, remind me to blog about "High Maintenance" - it's been on my mind lately, and I have the whole post composed in my head, I just need a lil time to type it all out.

Stay Tuned...

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