Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Insight Emails MIA

Tonight I talked to someone who said "I sent you that in an email" and I realized that I never received it, so I asked what address they sent it to. It was my insight email (the email that I get through my broadband provider) and I NEVER use that email. All my Insight emails were supposed to be forwarded (by insight) to my yahoo (dazed{at} account. I have had it setup that way for probably 3 years. When I logged into Insight I had 284 unread messages that I had never received, dating from May through July. There were tons of people who had been cooresponding with me and I never even knew it! Yikes! When Insight did their broadband maintenance, they sent out an email that some account settings would change, but because they didn't forward that email to the yahoo, and I never check the insight emails, I never got that email either. I was so pissed! So I haven't been IGNORING some of your emails, if you sent them to the insight address alone, I didn't even receive them! I am so sorry! I recommend that anyone email me in the future to my regular email address. Not very many people have my insight address, and I never publish it anywhere or sign up for anything with it...

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