Sunday, July 09, 2006

Pirates of the Caribbean, and the rest of Saturday

Saturday started off okay. I had to walk in the parade for work (volunteermeagan came out for a while again, I thought I had fired her?) and When I got up, I immediately put my good clothes in the washer and then the dryer. I took a shower, got all ready. 20 minutes till the parade started, and I ran down to get my navy blue skirt out of the laundry, Wet. All of it. Still. So I was panicking. I unloaded everything from the dryer and just put about 4 things in. 10 minutes till the parade starts, running around in my company logo polo shirt and my underwear and tennis shoes. Waiting for the skirt. FINALLY the skirt is dry, step into it, and realize the navy of the polo shirt is practically a purple navy and is so horrifically off the color of the navy skirt. Shit. Find a yellow company polo shirt, a tad too small. Stretch my arms inside it in all directions to make it wearable, pop it on hoping my lacy red bra doesn't show through, Anya and Ava show up, I look at her and say "Does this look stupid?" and she laughs and shakes her head "no, it looks fine." and then we go out to watch the beginning of the parade. My parents show up, and just as the "walking section" of the parade starts, I feel my feet sweating in my backless white mules and I am like "I HAVE to change shoes!" and run inside and toss on socks and my other Tennis Shoes. Ahhh.... better. I get outside and walk in the parade for work. It wasn't so bad, but they weren't even all wearing logo clothing! WTF! Wasn't that the rule we were told! Jeezus. So Anya picks me up at the park after the parade and it was hotter than hell!

We went to her house, sat in the air and talked to Brad. Then we went back to the park to pick up lunch. I was so hungry, I ordered my food, went back to Anya's, and opened my styrofoam container. I took the big juicy pork BBQ sandwich in my hands, got my teeth sunk into it for a big bite, and realized, I was eating the bun. DAMN! I had never even thought ONCE about South Beach, while ordering or even when putting it in my mouth. THAT Was evident by my side of potato salad. Shit. Oh well. I wasn't going to waste $6 of food.... this would be my cheat. So I ate a delicious Pork BBW sandwich on a white bun (bad bad bad) and good ol potato salad. And I drank a cold Pepsi.

Then I playted with Ava and changed her diaper while Anya washed bottles and packed up her clothes for the trip to the babysitter for the night. We drove to buda to L's house and dropped of Ava for the night. Then we went back to my place and chatted outside with Evan. I went inside and got changed and then met Anya up at the park for the "man auction." I bought Joe Fritz for $50, 3 hours of labor for $50! Sweet. I need someone to trim the bushes and pull weeds or whatever. The Man Auction raised $1670 for the Community Club. Awesome.

Anya and I went back to my house and chatted for a while outside, then I Evan and I went to Princeton where we met John, Amethyst, and Alex to go see Pirates of the Carribbean Dead Man's Chest. And it was fabulous. The 7pm show was sold out, so we had to buy advance tickets for the 8:15 show. The theater was packed. For the first time in YEARS Evan bought me a pop, popcorn, and Nestle Crumbles (mmm Chocolate) which I managed to pack away before the previews were over. YUM! (South Beach? Where are you?) and that was my supper. It was mighty tasty.

The movie was awesome. My favorite part (and I can tell you this without spoiling anything) was when Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) was being whipped. They tore his shirt off his back and while he was being whipped we got a good shirtless view, front and back. And I was sitting in the theater, and all I could think was "Is it bad that I am totally getting off on him being whipped?" that's wrong right? Can I help it that the look on his face mirrored one of the pleasure/pain of an intense orgasm, and left me all lightheaded and hot? So the entire night I was thinking to myself, Is there like hidden S&M in me or what? And then I saw my sister, and we went to the beer gardens together, and I said to her "Is it wrong that I get off on watching him be whipped?!" and she squealed in delight that she had too. Ahhh.... sisters. We ARE so much alike.

The beer gardens were pretty lame, and my sister made me stand near a dirty girl that I don't like for about 15 minutes, and I continuously wandered around talking to others, but we broke off after one beer and went back to the Dawg House, where we met Angela (who was down for the weekend from the suburbs) and also saw Brad and Anya, and Ryan and Emy.

When the place got packed, we moved out back to the patio. I had some great chats with people I hadn't seen in a while, and then someone flushed the toilet paper holder down the toilet inside so the outside became a bathroom. There were some drunk folks up in there.

Evan showed up with Alex. He was sweating. I wasn't hot at all. But it must have been the beer too. We hung out until about 2:45 and then broke for home. I read my latest Nerd Book Nerd Gone Wild and thoroughly enjoyed all the **explicit sex** and then went to sleep at 5:30am as the sun was creeping up and the birds were singing.

When I woke up today, I started a new book, Widow of the South.... and I am making lunch right now at 2:15. Evan's still passed out.

This week I wil attack South Beach, excercise, and trying to go to sleep at a decent time, with renewed vigor. That's the plan.

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