Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Altered Trading Cards.... and more!

Last night when I went to Jessie's to pick up my new Stampin Up Book (view online here), she showed me her latest and greatest, and among her projects were altered trading cards. Now. I have seen them before. I get the concept, but I was always like "why??" Hers were super cute (of course) and when she participates in a swap they have a theme.... one was teddy bears, which I am not a huge teddy bear fan.... but then I got the new SU book, and made my wishlist today, and the two things that I was like "hmmmm" and ordered today? Sets named Trading Collection and Open for Trade, which are essentially backs for trading cards. Yeah. I had them on my maybe list.

Then I got onto Swapbot (my newest weakness) to see the activity on my current swaps, and I saw a NEW swap (why do I even look??) with Altered Trading Cards... and the theme? Woman. Yep. I am intrigued. I thought about it, for about 10 minutes. Then I joined. The great part? I have to make 9 of them, with at least 3 different layouts, and they don't have to be sent until August 31st! Plenty of time! Plus I have two crops/scrapbooking deals to go to on August 11th and 12th, so that will give me something specific to work on, and plenty of time to get them done. Yee!

So let me tell you why swapbot appeals to me so much. Humor me.

I love to craft. I love to scrapbook and stamp. But I have a hard time staying on task. Really I do. I have a hard time figuring out where to start, or being patient with myself while I figure out what I am going to do. So when someone gives me a definite assignment, with a theme, and allows me creative license, and a deadline, I excel. It's like art class all over again. I need direction (when it comes to crafting) or I have a bazillion little projects that I don't finish.

Examples: The 4 year blanket, the half-painted sewing/craft room, this "almost" finished basket and empty scrapbook albums.

And although I sometimes follow projects on my own, like many other baskets, this pillow, the moopy, these bookmarks, and this bulletin board....

I do much better with a class or on task with a deadline and a purpose! Like 20 very different Christmas Cards, An altered tin, a Squash book, this packet of 5 matching cards, this gift baby scrapbook, or mother's day cards.

When I am not on task, I end up with curtains like these (unsewn) and never ending projects that take up 2 square foot each, like the guts for my altered journal.

So, essentially, swapbot keeps me on task, allows me to use the multitude of supplies that I have, relax and be creative and excercise my brain, create something for another person (which is an awesome feeling) and receive something neat and crafty in return (made especially for me!) and that is a REALLY awesome feeling too. Swapbot also gives me a project, with a theme, and a deadline, so it doesn't fall by the wayside.

Hooray Swapbot!
Hell-ooooo Altered Trading Cards!
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