Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Pointless Lazy Post

Tonight, I feel so lazy. I have literally done NOTHING for the first time in a long ass time. Wel okay, I didn't do nothing. But close to nothing. I came home and picked up the living room a bit, the bedroom, picked up my shoes from around the house, put laundry in the hamper, and prepared to run the vacuum. But then Anya came over with Ava, to borrow some cookbooks, and we sat in the house and then out on the swing talking for a long time, probably 2.5-3 hours. So That's all. And now I will take a bath and get ready for bed.

I am trying to think... do I want to start a new post? Kinda. But I know I won't finish it. So I suppose I should make it a seperate post that I can publish whenever I finish it.

Who cares , right?

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1 comment:

pcinaz said...

I am dying to read your "high maintenance" post that you hinted about writing. Please blog, please blog, please blog. LOL

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