Wednesday, July 05, 2006

It's Over!

Is it all over? Already? I really felt like I never left work, because I had to stop by work on Saturday and Sunday, and worked on Monday....

We had a nice 4th, and a nice night on the 3rd. Monday night I started by going to get crackers and cheese for my hot crab dip. Then I went home, made the crab dip, took a shower, got ready to go, and Evan and I drove to Liz's house. Evan cooked burgers on the grill and then we ate. It was tasty. I ate my burger without the bun, like a good girl, and the only crackers I ate were stone ground wheat, and the only pasta salad I had was with whole wheat noodles. Good good girl!

Then we went to watch Liz's team play volleyball, and they did great, the other team was so smashed, that it wasn't even a competition. The opposing team had to have a "smoke break" or a "beer break" like every three serves, and they stopped the game to watch the fireworks, during which time the alcohol really started to kick in and the final game was hilarious and they actually didn't play for stretches of like 20 minutes at a time while they took turns falling in the sand and putting sand in each others eyes, pants, shirts, etc... and then when they had to step for the tequila shots because the Tequila song was playing over head. So when it was all over, Liz and I messed around in the sand, me tossing her the volleyball so she could practice spiking. Then we hosed off and went inside for a drink, but I could tell Evan was severely bored and I was tired, so we left around midnight.

Tuesday we slept till noon, and then I read my book The Linnet Bird and finished it around 2:30. It was an excellent book! Ladies, I recommend! Then I showered, and we had Brad, Anya and Ava come over, and John and Amethyst, and Alex too. We had a little cookout, which was nice, and then sat around having drinks and nice conversation. About 10pm, Brad went home and Anya, Evan, and I took Ava over to Evan's parents for a nighttime swim. The pool was 90 degrees and felt SOOO nice and it was super clean. Ava had swam for the first time in Portland last week while they were on vacation.... so this was her second time. And she loves the water.

By the time we got home, Anya and I chatted for a bit, and then I went to sleep and so did Evan/ I slept like a rock and did NOT want to get up this morning, let alone go to work, but that's exactly where I am going.

Of course, a whole 4th of July weekend, and the only pictures I took were at Jacksonfest, and some of the Walnut Fireworks, and once again, not one picture of lil ol me to share.

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