Monday, July 17, 2006

Dirty Men can be So Hot....

You know, the rougher they make him look, the more valiant he looks, and then all I can think is that he deserves a good shag.

Go ahead ladies, make it big. (the picture I mean. Click!)

I think that most men (my husband included) completely underestimate the power that a working man has on the woman's sexual excitement. Nothing is hotter than a man at work. You know, the rippling muscles, smudges of grime, even the dirty clothes. My dad is a working man and my sister and I were raised to admire someone who can fix things, lift things, and generally take care of things. I guess it would just be a natural instinct that we look to couple with a working man... I find my husband the most attractive when he has been working all day or even after he mows the yard. Usually when I try to touch him, he's like "Don't, let me shower." I appreciate his concern for personal hygiene, but it isn't always easy to wait! There's something about a man at work... that will curl my toes.

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Mon said...

I totally agree! There is nothing like watching a man at work on a car, or digging a hole. I dunno what it is, but I park myself next to my man when he works on my car. It's so....manly!

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