Sunday, July 23, 2006

Dear Better Homes and Gardens Magazine-

Stop. Just Stop. Stop with the fucking index cards inserted into my magazine every 3-5 pages. Stop with the pharmeceutical advertisements. Ambien. Tavist D. Zoloft. Cialis. I can not take it!

I have not been paying for your magazine in over a year yet I still receive it. And it pisses me off so bad that I almost want to send it back. If I had the TIME I would rip out every reply card, every drug advertisement, and mail them back to you in a giant envelope each month. Why do you have to innundate me with all your crap.

What I love most of all? That your advertisements and "postage not necessary" cards are jammed right between an article about relaxation, labyrinths, natural healing, and treating yourself to a relaxing spa day or a long morning in bed.

You contradict yourself. And I am sick of it. You have lost all of my respect.

Meagan Johnson
Wyanet, Illinois

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1 comment:

Kristi said...

I gave up on magazines a while ago. It's all advertising and it's impossible to get them to stop sending them! Talk about a waste...

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