Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I dream of Jeannie Greeks and Gasoline

I have been having strange dreams again. Sunday night I dreamt that I went to get gas and it was like 2.92 (which did happen to me Saturday) and I decided to wait (in the dream, in real life I filled up) and then (in my dream) when I got up the next morning the gas was $5.05 and I was PISSED. I dreamed about the price of gas. Yeah. Nightmare? In real life I found out it did go up in most places to $3.07 on Sunday/Monday.

Last night, I dreamed about a bad greek man. Now first let's say that I have no prejiduce or racism. I love Greeks. I love everyone usually. There is a wonderful Greek family that runs the Red Apple here in Princeton, the wife is so so nice and her sons are so handsome, it makes you swoon. Seriously. The dark hair and eyes, strong chins and olive skin.... they are so hot. And I think greece is a beautiful place.

That being said, when we were kids, there were lots of greek hunters that would show up on the farm, wanting to hunt. My dad was always at work, and my mom would tell them no, that they had to talk to her husband and they would always have a hard time understanding her (or at least pretend that they did) and their thing was that they would drive around in white "pedophile" looking vans, with sliding doors and no windows, and shoot deer and doves from the vans. Without permission of the landownwers. Possibly without proper tags or FOID cards, we don't know. But they would shoot from the road, obviously driving with loaded shotguns. Then they would (sometimes) go ask your permission, saying that the deer they had shot had run onto your property and they needed to retrieve it. But really, they shot it on your land from the road, without permission.

So anyway, once when I was young (like under 10) there was a greek man with a gun who parked out in the road and walked to the house. When mom told him no he just kept walking closer like he was going to convince her, but she just kept saying no. At the time, we had a dog. A beagle named Duke who was super super smart, as beagles tend to be. That dog had never ever barked or showed teeth at anyone, and when that greek man walked into our yard and my mom kept telling him no and he kept advancing, the dog stood up and all the hair on the back of his neck stood on end and he started snarling and barking and showed all his teeth. He put himself between us and the "hunter." He was acting like he would attack that strange man. The man said something like "nice doggie" and my mom said "Don't come any closer. It's time for you to leave" and the man left. Mom and my little sister and I were home alone. That freaked my mom out but we were happily surprised that the dog sensed something was very wrong and acted that way when he had never acted that way before.

So in my dream, a bad greek man dressed in all black had snuck into our house (my house, now) in the middle of the night, and I can't even remember the whole dream now, but it was super scary and Evan was not in the dream and I couldn't find him.... I woke up with a start, but I know for a fact that my dogs would never let anyone get in the house. They are protective and territorial have a shit-fit if anyone even walks or rides their bikes by, let alone steps foot in our They have scared the paper boy on many occasion. When we had this incident and another incident shortly thereafter, the dogs (Hadley especially) were barking a mean and scary bark and they probably woke the whole neighborhood. But still, dreams like that are scary!

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