Monday, May 01, 2006

Walking Fool. At least the fool part.

I am so proud of myself today! Last night I figured out something. Something revolutionary. Something FABULOUS! Something that could change my life forever. The Treadmill! YEAH ME!

Moronic. I know. But listen. Really. With the whole South Beach thing, the doctor says I am supposed to be walking. and lifting weights. I got a treadmill. It's my mom's... and a hand-me-down three times over. I couldn't figure out what was wrong, because every time I walked on the treadmill, I was exhausted and nauseous after 5 minutes. After 7 I thought I would die. I am NOT That out of shape. Out of shape yes, but how come I can walk an hour with two dogs dragging me through town and not feel even half that exhausted? And walk for 30 minutes around Princeton every day during lunch and feel refreshed? And this is at the lowest treadmill setting when you are still walking at a decent pace... exhausted! I kept feeling like I was walking uphill constantly, but this treadmill is older and I couldn't find a way to change the incline. All the electronic and digital functions don't work anymore and I thought I was just stuck on this incline. Which made the treadmill my enemy.

I usually walk during lunch at work if the weather is nice, and I can make a pretty big square at lunchtime, clear up to main street and back. I always take the scenic route. I told husband, we have to relocate the treadmill so I can watch grey's anatomy and walk every Sunday, to get some walking in on the weekends. I figure if it kills me I will have to try for 10 minutes without collapsing. And a funny thing happened.

When we moved the treadmill, and I unfolded it, the damn thing setup Flat! No more incline! YEAH! I checked it out underneath and it looks like the back legs were going the opposite direction before, causing the incline. Duh! I walked briskly for 15 minutes last night and felt GREAT! But I had to have the TV on full volume to hear it over the treadmill. And the dogs were looking at me like "are you DEAF?! Turn that shit DOWN!" I need to get me something rigged up for that. Or I need to just walk every night now and wear the ipod. Sounds like a plan. So I am now excited instead of treadmill challenged! YEAH! Tonight I try for 30 minutes... endurance (baby steps)! I can DO it!

"Another woman was attacked and raped in central park while jogging. See, excercise is no good! You never hear about a fat bitch getting raped in her house while she's eatin' doritos and watchin' One Life to Live." - Lisa Lampanelli (listen to it here)

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Haleigh Anne said...

Yea for you!! I love the treadmill! And the iPod makes the time go by so much faster.

Michelle said...

Sounds great - something I do to challenge myself is to just go 30 seconds - one minute longer than the day before. Good luck!

- K - said...

i do transport every other day + iPod™ yeah!!! soutbeach diet helps a LOT too. no carbs & sugar though and you wont be able to go to the gym while you're on phase 1. Who cares?!!! ive lost 10 lbs.

Christie said...


Tina said...

Very nice! I think you'll really start to see a difference now. Diet is good, but exercise is key.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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