Sunday, May 21, 2006

Reality Blogging, Now with Shocking Real Photos!

Today I am avoiding work. Not real work as in Monday thru Friday paycheck producing work, but the ever dreaded "housework." After being gone all last weekend and 3 of the 5 days last week, my house looks terrible. There are so many PILES of crap! Everywhere! And this is in addition to the regularly scheduled and allowable piles of crap. Don't get me wrong, it has been worse... but it isn't pretty. See the piles of crap on the desk in the photo on the right? Yep. Crap.

I have this habit, on Sunday's and whenever else... if I have clothes that I need to deal with, and I don't have time, I have a "pile" that consists of precariously stacked clothes baskets filled with misc clothes. Either because I ran out of hangers, ran out of closet space, or ran out of time. The pile had recently reached the point of being scary, where you couldn't see the top of the pile for the cirrus clouds circling it like a mountain top, and I would just shut the closet door and pretend it wasn't there. It was becoming increasingly difficult to get to the two closet bars behind the tower, and more dangerous with every attempt. On Saturday, right before we left for the Cubs game last week, I reached beyond the tower to grab a sweatshirt, and it happened. The tower careened to the left, then to the right, and then leaned towards me... I barely had time to leap out of the way with the sweatshirt and save myself. I just groaned at the disaster before me and left for Chicago. When we got home the next day I groaned again, Gingerly stepped over the rubble, grabbed what I needed, and left for Indiana. This weekend, the closet and the remains of the tower are kind of like the elephant in the room. My goal is to get the rest of the house in order, laundry and dishes, minitaure piles sorted and put right.... and then while watching the season finale of Desperate Housewives, this housewife will desperately try to put right the remains of the closet. Ugh.

On a lighter note, the neighbor kid is graduating high school today, and the ceremony begins in 10 minutes. Congrats to him. Even more exciting was the family's rush today, to prepare for his open house by PAINTING THEIR HOUSE! Yes. For real. While I was sitting in my silky pajamas at noon watching Lord of the Rings and drinking coke while beading "bookthong bookmarks" as gifts, "neighbor-mom's" boyfriend was leaned preacriously on a ladder whilst painting the house while neighbor mom ate her bon bons or whatever inside. I heard a very loud clatter and after about 10 minutes of trying not to look I had to crane my neck around to see. I burst into childlike peals of laughter alternated with "poor guy" and "such a shame" as I saw that "neighbor-mom's-boyfriend" had had some sort of accident involving an entire can of white house paint spilled on him, the ladder, the side of the house, and then the flowers and the grass below. Resulting in a grand splotch that screams to everyone "we just painted our house the day of our son's graduation." Oh the irony! Poor neighbor-mom's-boyfriend! and of course neighbor mom did her customary "open the screen and lean out the window" bit to see what's going on. Since it would be SILLY to exit the comfort and safety of the house and step out into the sunshine to help or see what is going on. The part of the story that is best? They painted the side of the house which is closest to us and parallels our driveway, but didn't paint the FRONT of the house. WTF? Are these open house guests planning on setting up in our driveway to party? I wouldn't doubt it. Or maybe they consider that next to our driveway desperately needing a new load of white rock, and the grass growing through it, and the giant hole in the flowerbed where the pond was, their white and freshly painted "side house" will look gleamingly fabulous. Paint splotch in the grass and all.

So that's Sunday for you. Husband cleaned the dog's kennel outside, I took some pictures of more blooming flowers, iris, etc... and I have laundry going, dishes almost finished, and the scrapbook table nearly cleaned off. Oh and I organized some of my wooden stamps in my new white organizer that finally came last week while I was gone. So things are okay. And it's a beautiful day and the windows are open and the dogs are lying in the grass or treeing squirrels like this one... poor scared squirrely! Frozen with Fear in the front yard maple tree while the dogs howl up the trunk. Silly Squirrel, Dogs can't climb trees!

Check Out some Sunday Pictures that I uploaded HERE....
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Pictures of the Yard, New Iris Colors Blooming- Sunday May 21st
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EDIT: NeighborFamily did not have a graduation open house that day, they had it several weeks after graduation, when they were able to have their whole house painted. My mistake. NeighborBoyfriend did spend the morning of graduation painting the house. He did have an unfortunate paint spill. Those are the facts.

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