Wednesday, May 03, 2006

White Trash Wednesday

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Last night I had a meeting. It was a nice meeting. I gave a presentation or two. We chatted. After the meeting, two people came up to me and commented about my neighbor. You might know her as "mom" from this post and this post. Now, these ladies are nice, respectable community ladies. Probably both grandmothers. And they had heard about an incident (or actually a few incidents) that people around town have been talking about- all run-in's with my above mentioned neighbor. Apparently most of the town, including her **other** neighbors, don't have much nice to say about her. In fact, there are people out there who just can't stand her. It made my day! Nothing makes my day more than knowing that I am not alone. I have tried not to let her get to me. But lately, It's annoying.

Her dog now can not only REACH my yard and poop in it everyday, but one morning husband found the dog in our yard, with his tie-out staked to our reflector. Now I am not a fan of reflectors. But we have a steep drop off at the end of our drive, and we put them there so that no one backs off it, or so that our snow-plow guy doens't accidentally go past it with a big load of snow, because he can't see the edge of the white rock when there is snow on the ground. So husband goes outside, and their dog is staked out to our reflector at the end of our driveway, which means that the circular area his tie out can reach is about 50% our property, 50% theirs. Now what, pray tell, would give ANYONE the idea that it is okay to stake their dog out in MY yard, using OUR reflector as the stake? Please do tell? Am I missing something here?

So I have taken to video taping her dog when it barks for hours on end while wrapped around a tree without any water, or when it poops in my driveway I have it on tape also. Some day, I will need ammunition. And I damn well plan to have it.

Another thing. With the rednecks comes that whole deal where the vehicle to driver's-license-holding-person-living-in-the-house ratio must be un-balanced. Therefore there are approximately 2 vehicles to every 1 licensed driver. And this is being generous and considering her nice boyfriend who paid for her house with cash, the property transfer was in his name, even though the second thing she ever said to me was "this is MY House" a live in - when he actually has his own address. So they seem to think that the space in front of their house along the road is their own personal driveway, and park 2 of those vehicles out there, which has turned the grass into ruts and mud. Fine. It's their property right? Oh right, except for the 5 feet of property that we own, which they have also parked in, spun out on, and revved their trucks through until it is a muddly rutted mess. Oh and that tree could be considered ours except the city takes care of it because it is on the road side of the sidewalk. But since when do they give a shit about what's ours and what's theirs? I mean their dog runs loose or is tied out so that he can crap on our property.

Oh but wait, why is the town talking? Oh yes, because someone who was mowing her "other" neighbor's yard got too close to the property line and she came running out of the house and was a total bitch to them because it's HER property that her nice boyfriend bought for her and her two kids and they are too close to it or touching it and for god's sake they might even be MOWING it! Yikes! Those EVIL people! Kinda like the 5 feet of our property that her son insists that he mow and has been mowing since they moved in there. Whatever.

P.S. Make super sure that you make that white trash Britney picture plenty big so you can see all the trashy details, and then stop on over at Snarkywood to read some supremely snarky Kevin Federline/White Trash Momma stuff, complete with photos.

"Like going to a nascar race and finding the only white bitch without a black eye" -Carlos Mencia

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Christie said...

Britney Spears (or Bertney Spuurs as I like to call her) is the queen of white trash, lol.
go nominate before it's too late!

CyberWarlock said...

You konw the old saying, "Fences make for Great Neighbors"? :)

[m]att™ said...

I agree, put up a HUGE-ass fence, that's what we did to our neighbours and now we get along grandly. Make sure the fence is classy, but with some hidden barbed wire.

Jimmy said...

grrrrrr, that would drive me insane! This chica is starting to piss me off and it's not even my house!

If it was mine, I'd drill some really long nails into a 2x4 and put it right in front of that 5' section...of course that's not right for everyone. The way I see it - my insurance is paid up! :o)

Since it's your gig, put a big concrete barrior there. You can even get all crafty and put a plant on it or something. ;o)

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

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