Tuesday, May 02, 2006

It's Here! I feel Guilty!

I belong to a club. Each month one of us is "hostess" and we each place an order with Close to My Heart. It's a good gig. I have been in the club for a year. It is almost time for me to decide whether I want to participate another year. It's a minimum order of $15 a month. It is worth it. But I am starting to feel like I own everything in the catalog. I have the markers. I have almost 40 acrylic stamp sets. I have almost all of the Acrylic Blocks. I had all but convinced myself that I didn't need to be in the club another year. I could spend that money elsewhere, like save it for dining room furniture. Pay off bills. etc. Then. Today. Out came the new catalog for summer. Ahhh! It's too much! I picked out more stamp sets that I HAVE to HAVE! Many of them will be great for when I have kids, because even though we don't take many pictures when we go camping and fishing and when we have bbq's now, I know that I will when we have kids, and I can already see all the cute things I can do with the stamp sets. Adorable! I can see it already. Damn it! But then I thought, I don't HAVE to be in the club to place an order. I don't know. I just don't know!

I have Thursday and Friday off work and This Friday I will be going to the suburbs (chicago) for a scrapbook Expo. I am trying to tell myself that I won't buy lots of stuff. I will just go there to look around and try new things. I am taking less than $100 with me. And that is all I will let myself spend. Including my lunch and my ticket to get in. I have bought too much stuff lately. I can't stop! This damn scrapbooking is a disease! I need to get scrapbooking and stop BUYING! Really! I need an intervention! I just acquired another Sizzlit alphabet "wet paint" (although I got it for about 50% off) and a mini light table (although I paid about $40 less than most people) and another wall organizer for the scrapbook room.... Oh yeah, and there were those Fiskars Embossing Corner Punches and All the Fiskars 3 in 1 corner punches.... and that K&Co scrapbook.... and the green crocodile 8x8 album with the funky clasp closure and the window frame on the front.... But I DO have plans for ALL of those things! I do! I promise!
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