Monday, May 15, 2006

The Recap (Chicago, Cubs, Wrigleyville, Indianapolis)

Whew! Just got back from Dinner at Joe's Crab Shack. It's 10:23pm Indiana time and I was able to talk to husband on the phone a little bit, which was nice. Dinner was DELICIOUS and my co-worker and I had a nice dinner chat, it was just good overall.

I just settled down in my pajamas, turned on the laptop, put on my headphones and started the Jack Johnson playlist on iTunes. Life is good. Even away from home. I just need to digest before I sleep, and I do have homework still.

I am taking a "Helpdesk Analyst Bootcamp" Course at Signal Learning (Serious IT Training.) The course has an exam certification that I am not sure we are supposed to take, because my employer would have to pay for it. But the class is good, seems to be worth it, but you can never really tell unless you get back and see if the rest of your co-workers want to implement the plan.

I did walk on the treadmill tonight for a little bit after my two hour nap. Nothing better than 5 pillows on your own king sized bed and room darkening shades to knock your ass out.

I have been trying to eat okay, but it is SOOO hard when all you can have is "eating out." Many places just don't have a south beach friendly menu. For breakfast I had a multigrain bagel toasted with cream cheese and some apple juice. Too many carbs but it was that or cookies/muffins. Lunch I had a Philly Chicken Open faced sandwich, and I didn't eat any of the bread... so it was basically chicken pieces (grilled not breaded) with onions, peppers, and mushrooms with melted mozarella. And Cottage Cheese. For supper I had broiled lemon pepper tilapia, rice with vegetables, corn on the cob, and salad. And I had a little fried Calamari... appetizer that we shared. But I tried to keep it okay. It's tough! I am feeling like I am swelling again, or maybe it's just seeing the photos from Wrigley Field and my giant round body and giant round head still there, despite losing 17 pounds. Ugh. More walking tomorrow.

Well... I know I said I was going to blog about the Chicago trip, but I am tired and that seems like old news.... but I will give a recap.

We went to Bernies on Clark Street which is the bar across from the field, on the corner. We had drinks and food outside, I had chicken Quesidillas and Angela ordered fries (some of which I ate even though I shouldn't have.) And then PG bought peanuts and PISTASCHIOS~! from a guy on the corner who was super cool, and then we went inside and got to our seats, which were AWESOME! PG is a season ticketholder. We sat in the outfield, outside the foul line behind 3rd base. We had a great view of everything. It didn't rain. It was cool out but it didn't rain.

I felt alot like an unattractive pack mule though because I was hauling around a jacket, sweatshirt, and umbrella just in case, and it only got worse as the day went on and we acquired more shit. AND I had on a pink cubs tshirt that I spilled Quesidilla juice on before we even got INTO Wrigley, so that pissed me off a bit. I had to wear my sweatshirt anyway then cuz it cooled off.

I have to be honest, how the day went and how we had imagined it were not exactly in sync. PG Wanted to be sure that we got the whole "wrigleyville/Cubs game experience" But we just really weren't up to it OR into it.

Evan and I thought we were going to go to the game and then out to eat and then either stay at Angies or go home. But instead we went from Bar to Bar, where it was PACKED with people, a d we were walking and lugging all our crap. I don;t mind the walking but it was so packed I had to hold Evan's hand so I didn't get seperated from him.

And we were dressed in sweatshirts and long john shirts, not like "Chicago bar" attire... so we looked crappy compared to the trendy yuppies in black as far as the eye can see. But the part that we didn't like was not being able to sit down, or walk, and being crowded in the bar like sardines. We went to Tryst on Clark Street in Wrigleyville. You can tell by their website how they describe themselves as "upscale" contemporary and all that jazz. We were just out of place. Evan and I both had headaches and were exhausted already.

We had been up since 7am and were on the road for 3 hours and through traffic to get there, picked up Angela on the way and drove to PG's downtown. We hadn't got much sleep the night before with laundry and prep and packing... so we were tired. Then we went to Sluggers/Dueling Pianos, which was also on clark, and pretty cool. It was more laid back and casual and the usual bar environment. I took video of some chicks pole dancing on the pianos (maybe online soon) and also we requested a song, did the whole thing. IT was then that I realized Evan not looking too happy and then not looking like he felt good, and I realized that PG Kept bringing him alcohol that he didn't want, and his headache was worse, and he hadn't eaten.

We stayed there much longer than either Evan or I anticipated, and even I was getting antsy. I didn't want to be rude so we hung out. PG is great and I didn't want to seem ungrateful. But what he didn't realize is that the Wrigleyville experience wasn't something we really wanted, the Cubs game was exciting enough for us.

So PG's friend Rene came, and she was GREAT. We were all so glad to meet her and we seemed to all click pretty instantly. She moved to Chicago from NYC recently. We all went to Club Lucky, and we were excited about that, but the cab ride was rough and I started to feel car sick, little did I know that Evan was feeling the same way but much worse.. and by the time our food came he looked positively GREEN. I felt so bad for him. I know how terrible it feels to be nauseous and have a headache, let alone when you are miles and miles from home, or from ANYONE's home. The food was good, as usual. Evan ate half of his meal and then went to get some air. I knew right then that he would be sick.

I ended up having to excuse myself from the table because I was so worried about him and everyone else was talking and enjoying coffee and dessert, but I couldn't concentrate and I was so worried. I went outside and Evan and I waited together for everyone else to be done. PG bought dinner, for which I am so grateful but didn't get to tell him. I feel bad because I am sure he thought I was such a bitch, but I just KNOW how sick Evan was and how miserable he was. Evan had to Rally to make it through the cab ride home, and we didn't even get inside PG's and he was throwing up in the front yard. Poor guy. I felt so bad. We had a nice time chatting at PG's for a while, and we got to know Rene better, while Evan slept on the floor until he felt good enough to go back to the suburbs so we could stay at Angie's. Rene and I started talking about blogging, and famous bloggers, and blogs she reads, and also about people getting fired for blogging or being outed from a "secret" blog identity. She told me about Chicago and NYC bloggers who had been outed by someone, I found that very interesting and right up my alley.

Angela was so kind and let us have her bed and she took the couch. We slept like rocks, then got up and drove home... buying a Chicago street map on the way home. I had about 4 hours at home, where I did laundry and packed more clothes for Indianapolis, and saw the dogs. Then we went to Princeton to grab some food and I met my co-worker for our 4 hour drive to Indy. We saw the speedway as soon as we got into town. The Qualifying got rained out last Saturday, and again on Sunday. Practice is scheduled to start again this Wednesday, and then will try the Qualifying again this weekend. The news is abuzz with Danica Patrick interviews and other race info, like the return of Al Unser Jr after his "retirement." It's interesting. If we were able, I would love to go see the practices... but we have class and then we have to head for home.

SO that's it in a nutshell, and now I had better get to my homework or I will regret it in the morning when I have to get up at 7am instead of my regular 9am!

People, please comment and email me. I totally need communication out here in Indy all alone. I keep checking for emails and comments but I have none. Entertain me. Don't leave me hanging! Puh-LEASE!

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Michelle said...

Sounds like you had a busy weekend right into a crazy week! I bet you crash hard when you finally get "home". I hope Evan is better too - sucks that he couldn't enjoy your chicago trip more.

Anonymous said...

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